Apple TV app when?

Seems like this should be a relatively simple release, since most of the code is the same as the iPad and iPhone app. Do you have an estimate release date? Thanks!


I’ve been waiting on the Apple TV app also. Had a couple of friends ask me about the new tablo that are also Apple devices only and I couldn’t recommend the new tablo because you can only watch on a iPad or iPhone also people on Facebook has the same opinion. I think the new white tablo will be fine but they rushed it out and I believe it’s doing more harm than good. Especially if you are a Apple person.


I’m waiting on the Apple TV implementation as well. I was hoping to find some hint of information here besides the “coming soon” shown on their marketing materials. I do like the new gen 4 Tablo, but I really need the Apple TV version since that’s my primary device. Hey Tablo - are you listening? :thinking:


We have two Apple TV 4K devices so Apple TV support is the only thing keeping me from buyin Tablo Gen 4 at this point.


Hi folks -

We wish we could give you a more specific ETA but a lot of the timeline depends on how testing goes.

The Apple TV app will be the first of the ‘coming soon’ apps to launch and we’re working hard on it right now.

When we have more info to share, we certainly will.


I was just coming to ask about this :grinning: as Apple is my main streaming device, so when I want to use Tablo, I have to switch to a FireTV Cube. Only for this, so would be nice to even have a limited Tablo app so I can stop having to switch back and forth.

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I heard something about adding a Tablo channel to Plex and it might work, but I have no idea how to do that.

Been over a month Any update on official release date ?



As of now it’s my daily practice in patience. I’ve thought about returning for an HDHomerun but I like that this operates great over wifi allowing me to easily place my antenna in the best spot and not run a wire to my router which is on the other side of the same room. I’ve had the HDHomerun in my amazon cart twice. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hope it’s soon!

Just broke down and ordered the HDHomerun. I can’t keep waiting for a promised product. I should know better than to buy something for anything other than what it offers today.

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Ugh. Just received my gen4 and didn’t realize that it did not support smart tvs (I have a Samsung and LG). I also have 3 AppleTVs, but knew that it was due soon. I thought I’d be able to use the smart tv app in the short time but this won’t work. I guess I’m returning it and going to SiliconDust. If they would give any idea of a timeframe, I’d consider. It doesn’t sound like they are ever going to be on LG or Samsung.

From FAQ

A Note on Samsung & LG TV Tablo applications:

Select LG Smart TVs running webOS 3.0+ (US & Canada) and select Samsung Smart TVs running the TIZEN OS (US only) may offer a Tablo app however these apps are no longer supported.

Both of these manufacturers have proprietary operating systems and app stores which make it difficult to develop and deploy app updates for these platforms.

For this reason, we have made the difficult decision to place our resources and our focus on the more popular platforms (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS/tvOS, and Android). These are the platforms we recommend for the premium Tablo experience.

There are currently no plans to update these applications or expand the range of supported models.

Note, that message about smart TVs was for the legacy Tablos. They are developing for smart TVs for the fourth gen Tablo.

It says coming soon for gen 4

Thanks. Missed that. They really should review their faqs.

Christmas is “coming soon” too. I wonder what will come first. An Apple TV app or Christmas. :thinking:


Black Friday is also coming soon. Buy a device not associated with the apple eco-system and watch TV on a TV.

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Will we see the Apple app before the end of the year?? It should be soon I hope


While I don’t disagree, that particular article does say at the top it was last updated 2 years ago, well before the 4th gen Tablo launched.

Yesss…it is a very good question…
Zippy - you’re playing Tablo’s song…sadly…

Same boat. Super upset since my legacy Tablo no longer works with the updated tvOS 17. Live TV works for a minute then stops and the bar below has the spinny circle - app freezes and has to be shut down. Uninstalled, reinstalled. Updated tvOS, all the same. If they aren’t going to release the Apple TV app for this new generation, then at least FIX THE OLD ONE so we can keep using it…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: