Apple TV 4 recording in progress issues

During the weekend, I had some issues viewing football games that were currently still being recorded. If I started to view the game, it would jump to the current live position in the recording rather than to the beginning or where I had left off watching the game previously. This really spoils the fun of watching a game in delay if the you see the score from much later in the game. Additionally, the navigation using the track pad on the remote would stop working. The only way I could jump back in the recording was to use the voice command. I am running TvOS 10 and table version 2.2.10.

I would also like to note that this behavior was sporadic. It seemed work OK from one of my Apple TVs. For example, I started watching one game on my iPad, later switched to an Apple TV in bedroom. This worked flawlessly. The Apple TV resumed exactly where I had left off with iPad. When I when to resume the game for a second time on different Apple TV, this was when it jumped to live position of the recording.

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@steveum - There is a known issue with the new TVOS. We can get you on a beta that will fix this up: