APL Tablo Client

As noted previously, no error or warning - stops at Starting HD data collection, unless I click another button, the just more info as expected.

If this tied to my outdated firmware, I don’t want to be the source of headaches.
If this is related to the “genres” issue (genres is meaningless to me)
I have an empty column, along with the blank HD info. Concerns me enough to wonder did field positions get shifted just that much from .24 to .26? or is it something else altogether?

 capto -i
[capto] name: tablo
[capto] ip:
[capto] version: 2.2.24
[capto] guide last updated: Sat Aug 17 03:01 2019
[capto] drive: WDC WD50 00AZRX-00A8LB0 1A01 (500 GB)
[capto] usage: 25.05GB / 469.32GB (444.27GB free) [312.88 hours]
[capto] tuners:
[capto] 	[1] Not in use
[capto] 	[2] Not in use

it’s there and obtainable. So let’s not get too tied up getting new software backwards compatible if it keeps you from moving forward.

measurements from the one listed as 149% It looks correct.

capacity 2953372
limit 2953372
used 1769743
free 1183629

are those percentages %used of Total
less likely %free(space available) of Total

Do you need/want to know how much you have stored up… or how much more recordings you can store before you need to look into cleaning up? :thinking:

I presume the Resolution column in Recorded Shows is relative to channel information? As actual recorded resolution may be limited by Recording Quality under General in tablo’s settings
image image
I should never actually have a recording with a resolution hd_1080. I guess it can show possible max resolution, up to you settings, maybe.

Actually it’s airing details, specifying channel info. Sometimes my OCD acts up a bit :slightly_frowning_face:

So…it took me about 15 reads and a clear head this morning to realize the sarcasm…I don’t really like to think of myself a slow on the uptake…but, here ya go. I have it sorted as calendar so I can easily see ‘what’s being recorded today’…but I also allow you to sort by title, which I think gives you the ability to sort by show/episode, if that is your desired ‘upcoming’ listing you would like to see :slight_smile:

Yes and no. Here is the output JSON from one of my servers

“error”: null,
“connected”: true,
“format_state”: “authorized”,
“name”: “WD Elements 25A2 1019 (1000 GB)”,
“busy_state”: “ready”,
“kind”: “external”,
“size”: 984340578304,
“size_mib”: 938740,
“usage”: 520413184,
“usage_mib”: 496,
“free”: 983820165120,
“free_mib”: 938244,
“limit”: 984340578304,
“limit_mib”: 938740,
“storage_class”: “data”,
“measurements”: {
“capacity”: 984340,
“limit”: 984340,
“used”: 520,
“free”: 983820

I was using the capacity/limit/used/free that’s available in the measurements element. This was introduced in 2.2.26 because of cloud drives…so, that storage class can be either data or time…if it’s time the information in measurements is seconds, not megabytes.

You don’t have that sub at all, so I wasn’t getting any of your data…on top of that, I would have been reporting the capacity wrong for people with cloud drives because I would have been calling it GB instead of seconds…so, I’ve re-read the docs on this section and updated the code to appropriately represent both older and newer, including cloud drives that store in time, not space.

Please don’t consider your problems ‘not important’ because all of this is a learning experience for me learning the Tablo API, and in order to produce a proper app, I need to understand their methodologies properly…so…the next version should show you your hard drive sizes properly.

I’ve updated it to say x% used of total instead of just x% of total

Because of the fact that each recording can record at any given rate, I would say that it’s not possible to properly determine how many more hours you can hold. For example


These are two recordings currently on my HD, they are within a minute of the same length, recorded off of the same channel with the same settings, but as you can see, one of them is taking 10GB and the other is taking just under 6. So, from this example alone, I don’t know how many 2 hour 720 resolution shows I could record from the same provider…and none of that is taking into effect the discussion of some channels being 1080/720/480

So…I think the closest I can give you is how big your HD is and how full it currently is :slight_smile:

One thing this tool is providing that I haven’t been able to find in ANY of the native clients is 'what’s taking up the most space on my drive

It appears that you are correct…I have my Tablo set to record everything at the highest resolution, so I never noticed if the recording was at a different resolution than the channel, but you are 100% correct I was misrepresenting the data. I’ve corrected in the next version.

Ok…I’ve posted version .06 with the following changes

  • Corrected recording quality to reflect actual quality instead of channel possibility
  • Adjusted the Scheduled screen a bit to move date/time into same column and make it properly sortable
  • Fixed and Updated hard drive capacity/full data to accommodate cloud drives who’s capacity is in time, not bytes

No it was a compliment to you. Tablo, not showing an actual schedule will show Star Trek ep 24 29 scheduled to record. You let me know 29 (in sequence with others) is recording 1st,. Ed 24 is recorded next.

To it’s not as important what, as when (or how soon) recordings occur.

% aside, this example… for example - you ok with that? Same channel (not just another channel at 720) needing ~4GB for 2min !?!

Probably the length\time tablo recorded, probably the size reported, but why?

Yea, because I don’t use my DVR in the same way I’ve seen some around here use it, I use it as short term storage, this particular recording is a short term storage, till it’s watched, then it’s deleted, so it being roughly twice the size doesn’t bother me, for long term I rip it off and put it on my Plex, so the size it takes on my Tablo doesn’t bother me :grinning:

I completely understand that concept, use a very similar concept. But if both shows are from the same channel, supposedly HD 720 (unless one was an older rerun not truly 720), something seems flubbed up for a 2min difference to consume ~4GB.

The actual size isn’t something I take into account much. Seldom pay much attention. I have some from the same series, channel, varies ~30-40MB or ~0.1-0.2GB. These are just big estimates looking through a file browser. Something tablo may add a minute, that might account for some - I may not know enough about all this, but I could think I could use gstreamer with my TV cards and capture raw content for 2min and not have 4GB.

It doesn’t affect APLTablo’s function… just one of those things to make you go - huhmm, what’s up with that?

It’s not that the extra min was 4gb, I’m sure that there is a bit of extra something, let’s call it quality in every second, and 7200 of them combined end up as 10gb instead of 6, I’m not all that concerned :grinning:, I had a 20gb 4.5 hour football game on there last week

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My household internet had been down virtually down for the day (presumably sever storm overnight did “something”) Now that I’m up… http://remedylegacy.com/?smd_process_download=1&download_id=967 get’s me APLTablo-.05.zip

At least this time I remembered to [try] to download the current version :wink:

I suppose tablo/Nuvvyo doesn’t find this significant. More to the point, they target “typical” consumers, many are technically challenged. (multiple places explicitly state OTA only, will not record streaming services… yet someone asks anyhow)

Since we don’t have direct access to the drive. Just getting a directly listing, is actually a response from the web server. So you have not direct access, unless you can get through telnet user/pass, to get results.

If you cared, and know how to create some bot. This is beyond me, but we know
http://tablo.lan:18080/pvr/ corresponds to episode IDs. Navigate to http://tablo.lan:18080/pvr/XXXX/segs/ total the size column, coordinate that with episode ID. Depending how many shows are stored, how big the drive is, might be time consuming, maybe not so much.

I guess it would have to matter to you. You’d have to know stuff to make it work. Of course what do I know, it might not even actually work.

No amount of ‘but i swear i did it right this time’ will change the fact that it wasn’t, please verify you are getting. 06 now

now the download button results in a " Ooops, page not found"

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

  • yes, I confirmed this with a refreshed browser clicking the blue button

…I bet you miss your weekend :palm_tree::partying_face:

is it truly my fault when I told the web page to upload the file, and it said it did, but it didn’t?..anyone on my side on this?..:smiley: Verified it downloads a zip named .06 now :slight_smile:

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