APL Tablo Client

Yes, but the same applies to more than just h.264; that just happens to be the widely used compression codec which Tablo uses.

Ha. Fair point. I didn’t say I had a complete understanding though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say that bit rate is a measure of bandwidth, so the terms are interchangeable to a certain degree.

Yes, I think it’s something like that but don’t know the specifics.

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Sure! But let’s go back to a simpler times. When we’d take music from our CDs, we’d set a bit rate - for sampling I believe. Has to do with losssey data compression and we were more concerned with size and quality, transfer rate or bandwidth maybe with napster.

So setting the “compression” bit rate inversely will impact the bandwidth necessary to move the data across the network, but they aren’t truly the same… are they?

So all their explanations about settings for your network… but is it actually setting the sampling rate for compression? They do impact each other, are they not very different, if networking weren’t involved?

No, they aren’t exactly the same, but they are closely related. The term “bandwidth” is used in multiple contexts. A computer’s RAM and OTA TV are two of the others. It’s really just a term to describe how much data can be transferred over a given amount of time.

“Sampling rate” is used for audio compression, but video compression is handled rather differently. However, yes, as I already said different levels of compression are used based on storage and network bandwidth requirements.

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How is the next release shaping up @LJ_LongWing? Just curious, no pressure, I know you may be busy with other things.

It’s not moving at the moment…I’ve been extremely busy with my day job :)…I’m expecting to have a few hours to work on it tomorrow/over the weekend, so I should be able to have .19 out soon…no major features, at least not right this second…who knows what I’ll churn out while I’m working on it :smiley:


So, I’m still working on that update…I decided to get the menus working and put together a settings dialog that allows me to put together all of the GUI stuff that I’ve been wanting to define including the Auto Record stuff. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, GUI is my least favorite part of development, so it takes me the longest…but I’m still working on it, I think you’ll enjoy the results


CVS list manipulator aka bbaorbb

How do I get a list of titles of shows I have scheduled? If I export from scheduled, I get way too much, even if I eliminate columns. (then I need to truncate the name at the space preceding the “-”)… and I only want one entry. It’s been decades since I’ve done anything serious like that.
Is there any not so complex tools to sort this out?

Excel or another spreadsheet program can do such things with a certain amount of skill required. Do you already have the list of duplicate titles? If so, highlight the column and sort, then filter selecting unique records. I’m doing all this from memory so my instructions maybe a bit off but that is the general idea. I’ve thought of doing a similar thing but I have yet to find the time to do so. Good luck!

Export the shows list, that just has show name, then filter on those that are scheduled and you have your unique list :full_moon_with_face:

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Thanks! It may not have been ideal, but not nasty. Exported to a (sorry) google sheets, sorted scheduled… then, now what. Well, select - copy - past into a text file. That’s pretty much what I wanted.

Just a list of every show scheduled, to schedule exporting. I’ve gotten new channels and 2 tablos now, I’m making things difficult for myself :neutral_face: (I guess finding a list with tablo1/tablo2 might be next)


Here’s one for you :slightly_smiling_face:. Conflict resolution across tablos :tada:. Your application works with multiple devices - awesome. Conflict resolution has been a continuous struggle for some. I know this sounds way so much easier than it will be to implement…
If I have a conflict with a recording, I want to “move scheduled episode to other tablo

There appears to be no consistency for the same Show Name, Episode # between devices. Channels even have different id’s as seen by the tablo. All the text fields stay consistent, which I probably create more overhead.

If over time, this is something which can be implemented WOW, that would really be cool. That and it would be so helpful.

that won’t actually be difficult to accomplish…so, the way I’m doing conflict resolution now is I take the start and end time of the current show and get all shows scheduled on that tablo and then filter them to shows that run during the same time as this one…all I need to do is add the same process into the other tablos and then display the info.

The only problem I will have, and why I didn’t do it before is that if you have a dual with 3 shows scheduled, but you have another dual available to move that recording over to…the other dual won’t show (in theory) any shows, so I’ll need to keep track of how many tuners are available on each tablo and offer to move recording to another tablo, which will then make me do a lookup on the second tablo to find the id of the show on the other tablo to get its id’s to be able to do that…

so, in short…all of the data’s available to be able to do it, but not as easy as initial thought…but certainly possible :slight_smile:

Like, up front it’s reasonably possible. But you need to make sure you’re not creating a conflict on the other device - now it get’s complicated.

Ok, so another “wouldn’t it be nice” option. If you’re looking at start and end times of shows, what about the option to modify the start and/or end times by even as much as 1min +/- to resolve a conflict. Loose a minute, save a show concept. (you know some shows overlap by just one minute and you can’t record another)

although some users have been very upset missing a minute of a show, a sit-com yet. As though the first minute sets the entire show, or the final tag sums it all up.

Struggles/challenges I’m fighting here - window sizes, columns, column width, resizing columns… column width. Already covered the bug adjust one windows, the another is completely screwed up.

I believe I recall a plans for a settings for these - awesome! I’m not sure if it’s a java thing or varies across platforms. Now I’m over my head, these are modal windows, in that they are missing min|max controls, and they overlay the main, but can still be minimized.
Recorded opens max, I can read virtually every column. Length is twice as big as need, due to it’s title, pushing the last column off, dreadful horizontal scroll.

Scheduled and All Airing both open about 2/3 of the screen width. The Description is all but useless, as I’m not sure how big it needs to be read it. Might be my system/settings. Both have first and second way too small to read - date/time and title!

Here’s some goofy stuff. I eliminate the ones I don’t want, open the windows size. Close the columns with excessive white space, when I stretch out smaller ones - they all adjust somewhat. So I have to readjust the ones that are too big again, so I can open up the ones that are too small.

Now shows at least open full width of my screen. Every column except description is wide enough to read it’s contents. (for the few show that do have a quality, I don’t know who/how that’s decided)

As discussed, if before, if opened individually and adjusted coming back to another seem to screw things up. So opening all of them is a pita, having one sized up just right, closing it and moving on, then going back…

Resizing even one - just to check something… doesn’t feel worth the bother. But, if I plan things, because there is great benefit to using APL Tablo - and I know it’s still under development, just sharing my experience.

I struggle every day with the same thing…so, again, I know you aren’t a programmer, and I don’t know if any of these explanations ‘mean’ anything to you, but I like getting them out there :slight_smile:
So, for window and column sizes I have 3 options min, max, and preferred, on some windows I’ve cleared all 3 and let the system decide how big the window is…like Recordings…this seems to work fairly well for that window, with the exception of that ‘Export Status’ column, which is blank at window open, so it’s always off window…but for windows like airing…the description is simply huge, so I think it throws off the auto calculation process…the other columns seem larger than necessary…especially tags…no clue why it thinks that thing needs to be that big…and the ‘number’ that I set on my windows dev box for each of those settings…doesn’t seem to translate well to the same number on a linux box…so, when I set what seems like a reasonable min/max/pref on windows, it’s too small on my Ubuntu machine…so…I struggle with that. The ideal will be when I start saving all of those window preferences in settings and you just set it like you like and don’t worry about it again :slight_smile:

In .19 I’ve figured out why there is no min, and I’ve corrected that, but it has an unintended site effect I haven’t figured out yet…essentially it was saying ‘this window is a parent of that window’, and when you do that, it for some reason says ‘hey, you can’t minimize this one’…which is certainly not what I would expect…but now, no window is a parent of the other, and everything can me min/max/resize as appropriate…but if you close the main window, it doesn’t close the other ones…which is somewhat weird, but manageable…I’ll keep it the way I have it now till I figure out something better

the settings dialog is coming along well.


I know this doesn’t sound nice - good! LOL, so I’m not alone, and it provides some incentive.

I suspect this has to do with individual system settings. This system uses literally uses a TV for it’s monitor. I have resolution set to 1280x720, it’s not really a common size for a desktop/laptop system. I haven’t run it on anything else. Kind of like the early internet days with pages would say “This page looks best …when you use the same resolution I use” It’s not going to look the same everywhere.

I can minimize the windows. I use mate-desktop with the ancient window buttons in the panel, theses lower the windows. Also closing the main window - with the button, does close down everything as expected on my system.

Thanks for the update!

[ rhetorical] Oh yea, and why, when I adjust one column… do they all seem to want to stretch back out just that much more? So I get to close them up again, so I can stretch out the scrunched up one… watch all the others slowly stretch back out… so I can tighten them up until I get things just the way I like it. There! now I can get something done. [/ rhetorical]


I wish I knew (yea…I know, rhetorical…but I’m answering anyway)…that’s a JavaFX thing…certainly not something I’m doing in MY code :slight_smile:

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.19 has been released…sorry for the extreme delay on this one…a bunch of work was done on the GUI to make it more responsive and a few new dialogs were added

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The polished refinements are wonderful! Hope to really put them to use over the weekend – thanks!