Anyone for a class action

I have had no luck with the tablo. It keeps buffering and can’t watch live tv with Roku. Customer support takes weeks to reply and they have basic answers and no help.

Maybe a class action suit will get them to listen? They can’t sell junk and ignore customers.


I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time. Hopefully, this update coming in just a couple more days will take care of your issue. Maybe someone here can help you resolve your issues with a few workarounds until that app’s out.

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Actually, they can (sell junk and ignore customers), just ask Microsoft.

However, there is a problem when billing for a service that isn’t available. So, when money matters come into play, things get “real”. My guess is that if this prolongs, Tablo will figure out how to refund for their outage period. While it’s not what the customer wants, it’s better than continuously getting billed for a feature not provided (for those that don’t know commercial cutting is/was down for quite some time, talking OG users).

I will admit, I don’t remember the early days of “original Tablo” (again, a very different company) being like this. But, at the cost levels, came a much more “technical” user base. Regardless, totally different company (apples to oranges).

I am not a pro-litigation style person. So, I’d prefer for all of this to get worked out over time peacefully. But, you can’t just send checks every month and “take it on the chin”, you know? Not for long periods.

Watching for how everyone responds. Very different world from original Tablo times.


With your specific issues… there are likely [unknown amount] of users enjoying their tablo… they just don’t stop and say this is great. So you’re probably going to hear more problems. This comment is in reference to your suggestive lawsuit.

There are some users here who have gotten through your struggles. There’s a good chance they can provide more specific assistance than screen-readers if you provide details :smiley:


Sounds more like a Roku problem than a Tablo problem. So you would have to do a class action with Roku as well. Frankly, I hate getting lawyers involved. This is small claims stuff.

Hang in there as a fix appears on it’s way both short term and hopefully by Roku for the longer term.


I do hope that whatever workaround Tablo comes up with isn’t reversed when Roku does their part.

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So your first post is to discuss a class action suit when the true “source” of the issues isn’t yet fully identified. As someone said in a previous reply, might as well be including Roku.

You might also consider posting the specifics of your situation to see if anyone in a similar situation has any suggestions. For example, you only mention live TV, are you also unable to play back any recorded content?


Coming from someone who battled with my Tablo for close to 2 weeks before posting and or emailing support. I finally got it figured out… Come to realize that 90% of the problem was internal… it was my setup. Remind you, I said 90%!!

If you come here with an open mind and a willing to troubleshoot… then you can figure it out if it’s your 90% or not.

I think one of the issues here, that Tablo markets it like it’s Plug-N-Play. But there has to be SOME technical fortitude.


I want to clarify… first time I contacted tablo was because the machine would buffer. I purchased it strictly for sports, and there’s nothing worse than right in the middle of a big play that everything shuts down. Once it started buffering it would buffer about every 30 seconds during the game and take a minute to come back up. So it was more than just a small annoyance The buffering would continue. This isn’t an all the time thing but it happens at minimum a couple of times a week. Anyway the first time I contacted I’m after having it for about 2 weeks, they take a week to reply. I connect it via the ethernet cable, and that doesn’t fix the issue. They tell me to upgrade my hard drive that I’m using. I spend another $100 on a new hard drive, and it continues to buffer. Mind you it took another week for them to reply… If you do the math now I’m past the 30-day return policy. I contact them again, and what do they tell me to do… Tell me the same thing, make sure that I’m using an Ethernet cable and upgrade my hard drive. So they’re not telling me anything new, they’re not giving me any solutions, I can’t return it, if it’s a problem with the unit they’re not offering to replace it, and by the time I get the issue resolved, the NBA season will be over. I’m not quick for going the legal route either But when you don’t get any solutions via their support and they just keep telling you the same thing and there’s no other routes, you quickly run out of options. I love the concept of the tablo and Even if it works 90% of the time I would be happy. But very disappointed in the support. The Roku issue is a whole separate issue and I understand it’s a Roku, tablo compatibility issue. But if tablo is going to make a product that works on Roku, it’s kind of their responsibility to make sure the product is compatible. However I don’t use it for live TV often, just recorded so the Roku issue is small to me.

If you are using a hard-wired Ethernet cable and still having buffering issues… Whatever is doing the “switching” or even the “routing” doesn’t have enough horsepower. Good chipset will make a world of a difference.


A big challenge with an OTA set-up, they are each unique to each location, needs and availability. What works great for somebody isn’t necessarily going to work for the next.

There are countless options for network topology. Using a wired connection doesn’t necessarily help if everything else is still wireless. Not knowing specifics, just a vague overview isn’t going to help with constructive help.

If you just want to vent, I understand :neutral_face:

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I see 10 people might join you on a class action suit…

As far as the weekly to reply comment, did you happen to reply to the email you sent before hearing back from support? In the past the way Tablo email support has worked is if you reply too early it actually sends you to the back of the email queue.

I have a legacy model and if you’re seeing buffering, 90% chance it’s your wireless connection. It doesn’t matter that Netflix and Hulu don’t buffer from your device, Tablo doesn’t compress data the same way (and even less so on Gen 4).
Invest time/money to improve your connection by moving the router closer to your streaming device, using a mesh network, or doing Ethernet over powerline adapters.


A lot of great ideas but this is turning my cheap easy solution to record OTA TV into a five or six investment. It was advertised it would work out of the box, obviously it doesn’t.

Or it may not in your specific situation. Provide more details and we’ll try to help.


Sounds like you’ve exhausted all the reasonable methods to fix it. I would ask Tablo to replace the box. It really sounds like it’s defective. I use wireless Rokus all the time and rarely have buffering, let alone the fact that you are using a wired connection and still having issues. Assuming you’ve used a recommended hard drive, it really seems like you got a lemon.

That is kind of the root of the problem. Talking with tablo support is time consuming and takes weeks. By the time the issue is resolved, the NBA season will be over. It takes weeks to get an answer…

I see that 3 or 4 people have offered to help if you provide more information.

You say it’s not a Roku issue and you say it’s not a hard disk issue. What have you done to prove these things? Have you used something other than a Roku to try and watch your recordings? How many other devices are using your network while you’re trying to watch your Tablo (keeping in mind that that the Tablo needs more bandwidth than a streaming app)? Did this problem exist before you added an external drive? Are you recording anything while you’re playing back something? How does it handle live TV? How does it handle FAST live channels? What Roku model are you using this on? What kind of network speeds are you getting? What kind of network transfer speeds do you get?

I’m sure I’ve either listed too many or too few, but people here do sound interested in helping. Anything you’re able to provide can help others help you. Tablo support can only do so much – we’re users with “real-world” use under our belts. You’ve got network specialists and others offering their services.

You sound in a really frustrating place. What’s the worst that can happen by letting others work this through with you?

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I’ve asked Tablo to replace my box that is having all sorts of issues and currently won’t locate any channels. I’ve been working with support for months. They won’t replace a Tablo. Just keep giving you the run around.