Anyone for a class action

Having same issue with Chromecast 4k. Lots of buffering so sounds like a Tablo software issue.

What most likely will happen is Tablo releases a new version to work around the Roku problem, then Roku will fix their problem thereby breaking Tablo’s work around followed by Tablo releasing another version to work with Roku’s fix. It will either be very smooth or very painful for awhile longer.

OP which Tablo are you using? The newer model or the older version? The HDMI model?

I think a lot is being lost in my specific issue and trying to get it resolved. Tablo sales a product that includes product support.

But the product support doesn’t really support. It takes weeks for replies and no real solutions. Someone compared them to Microsoft. But Microsoft I can call their support, there is no one to call here… Just a slow email chain.

I appreciate everyone trying to help, but part of my decision to by a tablo was product support that they really don’t provide.

I shouldn’t have to rely on a group forum for support when it is advertised as a reason to buy a tablo. I also should not have to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of extras to make it work.

I get that a lot of people have purchased a tablo and enjoy it very much but too large of a percentages are having buffering issue like mine and should at very least be offered a replacement or refund.

But neither is happening. We are being ignored by the support we were promised when we made this purchase.

I am very frustrated but I hope that my issues are heard by people making the decision to buy a tablo.

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… this is a support forum. That’s what this place is for. I’m sorry you’re not getting through to Tablo about your needs, but you’re also not looking for help here.

I see you’ve listed this topic as General Discussion and maybe we should have let you vent and walked away… but as for your class action question, it sounds like you’re not doing your part, either. Users are offering to help and you don’t want help.

Tablo has mentioned an upcoming app update to work around Roku’s bug. As other users have mentioned, they would be another fight in your legal battle.

If you were truly worried about a fix to your problem, I believe you would have asked for help. It sounds like you just want Tablo to refund your money or replace your product. There’s nothing wrong with either of those, but with all the help offered, it’s apparent that you’re not looking to resolve whatever your issues are.

Good luck in whatever transpires from here.

I will be happy to join the lawsuit. I am using an Anton 800 SBS antenna, rather than the 30 mile piece of crap antenna that came with my Tablo 4th Gen. I have this antenna hooked up to two of my tv’s. When I run my tv’s with the source as my live tv antennas, I have NONE of the issues that I experience when running my tvs through Tablo 4th Gen, so I know my reception and viewing problems are not related to my antennas and their location, direction or pickup power.

Next, I have used this Tablo 4th Gen using a new Roku Ultra cube that I purchased just one month ago (the newest version) and using the newest Fire tv cube which I purchased last week. Same problems using both of the devices: buffering, reversion to Roku or Fire; lack of ability to receive audio or video, and the list of problems goes on, and on, and on…

I have done all of the suggested corrections: reset button, rebooting of fire and Roku and rebooting of Tablo; clearing cache on Tablo and Roku and Fire; uninstalling Tablo and starting over. Frankly, I have taken all of the steps on Tablo troubleshooting suggestions. Nothing corrects my issues from occurring over and over again. I have spent way too much money buying platforms on which Tablo says this device will work; and I have spent far too many hours clearing cache and data and uninstalling and reinstalling. The Tablo tech department needs to spend 24/7 to get this mess fixed or they should forego future sales until they get it fixed., And they should reimburse current users for the cost of the doggone product and all of the platforms that they purchased to try to get it to work. For these reasons, I will be glad to join a lawsuit!!!

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Did you have any luck changing the Tablo’s amplification?

TABLO Support page offers this option:

As noted by Tablo support, this is a Community Forum… of users offering support to others. There are official Tablo accounts, generally with announcements and general information.

When it comes to actual support all to official TabloTV accounts asks the troubled user to contact support… for actual useless official support.

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Good point. I didn’t mean to imply this was an official support site, only that users are here to help.

It’s a good reminder that Tablo Support isn’t able to help here as much as they can through the other options. (Although they’re usually playing catch-up from the problems we’re posting here!)

  1. I feel your frustration and pain, BUT I have 40+ years of Technical Support Problem Solving and know there is a great shortage of Technical Support People everywhere. So we have to be more problem solvers ourselves.
    Buffering…watching Live TV…. Yes I have seen buffering issues twice, both due to poor reception problems, heighten by our switch from analog signals to digital signals (digital, in my opinion are more sensitive and less forgiving if signal strength is weak or interrupted by Electrical/Static interference or Storms). So if your only experiencing the buffering problem watching “Live TV”, check Tablo Settings, Channels, go to right side and scroll to the worst channel this buffering happens on, and see if your Last Scan you Saved had 100% Strength? If yes, then check next time it happens, by switching to your regular TV tuner for that same channel and see if it is having quality issues too? ( I am assuming they share same antennae?, if not switch antennae them and give Tablo the BEST!). If sharing antennae then test TV and if it is bad too? If yes, it is NOT Tablo. 1. How often do you rescan your channels? My CBS in Chicago just changed their antenna’s and told us to rescan and save our channels (for our TV’s and Tablo’s).
  2. After your rescan, only markthe channels you really use. Don’t mark them ALL or you will make Tablo work Harder doing downloads of Channel Guide, especially if your like me using the Beta 14 day Guide! Don’t give Tablo unnecessary work.
  3. I use a external Western Digital USB 3.2 5TB (fast and at least 1TB available all the time). I want a very fast storage device. Yes I know you said “Live TV”, but you didn’t say how many channels were being recorded at the same time, as you were using a tuner to watch “Live TV”? 3 tuners recording takes resources too. If any of those were the Chanel you were watching, how did recording come out? I would guess you might not see buffering issue on recording? But I might be wrong.
  4. If you want to improve signal but not change antennas,
    Then try adding a antenna amplifier.
  5. Also make sure your Tablo is on current firmware too.
    Good Luck
    Let the Community know if any of that helps, please. Don’t give up. We need to beat this. Ask someone else, son, daughter, to use their eyes and problem solving skills to see if they can figure it out. The solution is there: signal strength, needing rescan, …. It is not rocket science. You and your family and friends are intelligent enough to brainstorm to get solution that works.
    Just like if your TV reception wasn’t good, what would you do?

A plethora of recent updates from Tablo for 4th gen show that company isn’t “idle” but is moving forward. Fast enough? Maybe not for some, but IMHO, it makes the case for a “class action” to go away.


Again, this does bring back memories of when the OG Tablo units came out. Today’s OG Tablo experience is very different and much better than the early days.


However, at that time, Tablo was a brand new product from a brand new company and growing pains could be expected. Over the past 10+ years Tablo had matured into several very stable products.

Since Scripps took over, it’s like they fired everyone and are starting from scratch again. Why completely reinvent the wheel when you already have several wheels that work very well. I do understand Scripps was trying to build a better and cheaper wheel, but obviously they were in a rush to get it to market and it shows.


The point is, that’s pretty much it though. You really have to look at “new” Tablo as really, “brand new”.

Anyway, it’s certainly going back to the beginning… but they are responding.

IMHO, they were never building a cheaper wheel, but a very different wheel. Because it’s different from a feature perspective (it’s neither superset or subset), it would be very hard to actually compare and say “cheaper” really. They are a content provider (broadcaster). And IMHO, that’s very different. You’ll have to decide if that’s a good thing or bad thing. I know my opinion on that.

I have to admit, though… while we awaited the Apple TV beta, it seemed pretty idle. I know they had to overcome a lot on that one and it took a lot of their time, but it was scary. Now that they’ve released the new Roku, Android, and Apple beta, it shows how committed they are to this product. I do hope that others see the same future as I do and can be patient – but… we’re not a patient enough breed sometimes.

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More communication from Tablo about what’s being worked on and general time frames for delivery (e.g. not “coming soon” for months) would help to give the impression that work is underway and forthcoming. This is an art, since these time frames can and do slip, but when you throw a product out on the market that is clearly a work in progress, you need to give a sense of progress to not lose your users. This is especially true for new users that don’t have the history of past “Legacy” product support to give a sense that the needed fixes and apps will appear. Giving useful timeframes and a sense of the squishiness of those time frames is important to customers.

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Not disagreeing, just saying, nothing really has changed between the “Tablo that was”, and the “Tablo that is today” with regards to any of that.

Understandable, but the things they do seem to comment on are based way in the future. It would be nice if we also had a timeline for things that are a little more important to current users or those thinking of making a purchase now, versus three years in the future.

I know they have investors to worry about and many of the things I’m referring to are likely related… Just my thoughts.

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Giant corporation bought something consumers use in/for their industry. They don’t want the investment of re-inventing… just want it to work “better” from their corporate, need-more-profits, perspective. - Let’s shove this square thing through a round hole! Now it looks cool. Lets make it less tech-savy add user friendly options. Now shove Scripps advertised programming at 'em.

Some likely quit, others fired. New came along not knowing… working with old functioning code. Corp says here’s deadline - no, budget says this much. If you can’t make it work we’ll find someone who can.

Obviously they are still looking for coders who will work part-time for low wages.


I worked for a large tech company and sometimes there is a need of a rewrite and rebuild.

It can be a slow rebuild. Most times it is. It could be newer code or just messy code that would take too much time to clean up. It could be a licensing issue and a rebuild is needed to move to a better/non licensing segment.

Could be so many things.

Also, pushing products that have basic use and then releasing feature/fixes at a later date, seems to be the trend between most tech companies now. All the large tech companies have been doing this for a long while. At least for the last 15 years or so.

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It’s gotten better, EXCEPT for GRACENOTE which Tablo selected. They could have forgone fancy images and get guide data OTA. Or from TitanTV or TVGuide. Gracenote is the worse.