Anybody else annoyed by the prominent (default) placement of the new Delete function?

I like that there is now a “delete all”, but … if you are not careful when you click into a series, you will inadvertently delete all your episodes.

This is TERRIBLE UX design. Please fix. There are still too many clicks to get to an individual episode (if there is only 1 episode, why do I need to click multiple times??) And the first button should NOT be Delete.


I agree, there should be a default button “play newest episode” or something when you first click into a show. Not the one thing people fear most as default choice.

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Absolutely… I like the idea of either play latest episode, or get rid of the button entirely. The option to delete all would best be suited to the pop up menu you get when you hit delete, so the options would be cancel, delete episode and delete all episodes… something like that.

You can’t inadvertently delete as it requires you to go up and say delete x watched episodes or delete all. The default is to just cancel and then nothing happens

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That’s a good point, thanks for pointing that out. I still think it would be nice to have another quick access button on that first page.

You may be thinking of something I brought up a long time ago that would allow me to watch a show and then at the end it (All Apps ) would prompt me to watch the next unwatched show. I agree it would be faster :wink:

Three inadvertent clicks and yep a whole series is gone. Definitely possible and absolutely annoying. I mentioned this to David in support a while back as I go to my recordings to watch shows not delete them but he didn’t comment on it. Having a option to press play there or from the tile in recordings section to play if just one or maybe the most recent would great I think.

LOL that is funny

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I don’t know how she did it.

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ahhh, that explains a lot!

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I also have thought it is an odd placement. I like having the option to delete in bulk, but not as the only first choice…

I would suggest keeping the delete, but adding a “watch” button also, which would be the default… And when you click “watch” it would allow you to resume the oldest incomplete, or watch the next in the series from the last you watched. And if you want to be more specific in your selection, the. You could click down…

This would be more intuitive and convenient than going directly to the most recent episode.


@jcraftatl this is exactly how I envisioned it as well. Hopefully @TabloTV could implement something like this in the future.

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Mine almost did the same.

And you just never know what you’ll get when the remote falls between the couch cushion when you get up for a snack and don’t know where it is when you sit back down! :wink: Can’t really blame that on the layout, though…

I agree 100% with jcraftatl. I went at least 3 time into the delete menu by mistake…

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Hey folks - someone actually commented about that on Tuesday. Yesterday one of our magical Roku developers (Craig for anyone that wants to thank him specifically) implemented an ‘episodes’ button which will be in our next update.


The real question is: What kind of a design review did this menu go through?. How, for a DVR product, could anyone think that the primary purpose of retrieving episodes on a roku is to delete them.

Makes you kind of wonder about the design reviews for the rest of the product.

@zippy - We did an extensive beta and many other users have been using this as their primary interface for months. Nobody made a big deal about it.

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A long time ago the big issue was deleting episodes, say people that had 20-30 or more episodes. Everyone at that time clamored at the ability to do so. Now they clamoring is for something else :wink:

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