ANY Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

Are the any AT&T or Verizon or other carrier besidesT-Mobile Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge phones among Tablo users? It would help @TabloTV to know if the flashing green issue is more widespread than just T-mobile.

I also have the “Flashing Green” background issue on my Verizon s7 Edge when watching videos recorded on my Tablo.

The same recordings play perfectly on my wife’s Verizon s6 Edge and also play correctly on my Galaxy Tab S and on our Windows 10 Laptop.

It seems to be all carriers,limited to S7 and S7 Edge. At least the work around works. If ALL that have S7 or S7 Edge would please mention so Tablo can see how many of us there are.

For what it’s worth, Tablo works on Nexus 9 with Android N beta. Of course Nexus doesn’t have Samsung trash on it.

Mine is an AT&T Galaxy S7 Edge. Same problem: screen flashing green when Playa playing recordings or watching live TV on the Tablo app.
It is the only video playback app having problems.
I’very got Plex, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, VLC, YouTube. None of those has this problem.

Have they even acknowledged this yet?

Only in-so-far as saying “keep us posted”. Nothing since I think:

They made ONE POST in the almost two months. At first it was only Tmobile, as they were first to send the update. Tabloid HQ is closed Monday. A new update is working it’s way to us. I don’t have it yet but think this week. A work around was posted by me.

See other thread Green flashing when playing from phone

Problem first reported APRIL 6 and my work around posted April 16 (only because I got tired of the problem and used Google)

A friend of mine drowned his S7 in a gallon of champagne. Still didn’t fix the issue.

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But it’s waterproof!!! :-p

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The only “fix” is the work around I posted.