Antenna Signal Loss through Tablo

New user here. Just got it set up last night. My biggest concern so far is that signal/stations I receive with the antenna is plugged directly into the TV don’t show up when going through Tablo.

I purchased a U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 180 Miles Range - Support 4K 1080p Fire tv Stick and All Older TV’s - Indoor Smart Switch Amplifier Signal Booster - 18ft Coax HDTV Cable/AC Adapter off Amazon.

Using the Tablo DUAL HDMI Over-the-Air DVR.

The weird thing is that the signal/station we can’t get is the closest one to our house. Any thoughts/help is appreciated. I have tried moving the antenna everywhere I can think of, but still am not able to get these signals.

Perhaps you are overdriving the closer station. As a test can you remove the Amp and see if it helps the local station? Other than that log a support case with Tablo and let them look at the logs.

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It doesn’t look like this particular antenna can bypass/work without the amplifier but it has a switch between ‘short range’ and ‘long range’. It may be worth it to see what happens when you switch it to short range (if anything)… :upside_down_face:

Sadly, this is the type of antenna that we hope people avoid. The product listing is full of red flags.

And one of the things the listing is missing, is support for VHF. If that station you’re having trouble getting is on a VHF frequency, you may not be able to get it with this antenna.

Here’s a few posts that you might find helpful:

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Thanks to you both! Yeah, I’ve tried different channel scans with and without the amplifier. I meant to ask what type of antennas were suggested, so I appreciate the link. I might look to see if I can return the one we have and get another one.

It’s funny… that first VHF vs. UHF link mentions CBS Channel 6 in Richmond… AND THAT’S THE ONE I’M TRYING TO GET!

That one is UHF, so that shouldn’t be the specific issue.

Try using the switch on the amplifier and see if that helps.

UPDATE - Hrm, it looks like WTVR is operating at lower power than some of the other channels coming from that group of towers.

It’s broadcasting at 410KW whereas WRLH (FOX) is at 1000KW so you may just need a slightly more powerful antenna to get it, if your antenna wasn’t already set to ‘long range’ (if the booster does work).

This is why doing a bit of research on the channels that you’re having trouble with is important. It narrows down the list of potential reasons for the issue so you can focus on improving your antenna setup for your specific circumstances.

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So, had a wonderful experience talking with Antennas Direct. Ordered a replacement antenna, and hopefully all will be crystal clear in a few days. Thanks again for all the info/insight!

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I am having the same problem- New Rocketfish™ - Outdoor Amplified TV Antenna - Model: RF-ANT50UD gets all local channels when direct to TV. Added Tablo Lite w/ ethernet connection to the ATT Uvers router, now I can’t get local NBC station. This local station is WYFF GREENVILLE, SC, local 4.1. This station has been the most challenging, but after repositioning the antenna, it is flawless when connected directly to the TV.

I don’t fully understand the hard drive age issue, but my hard drive is 1TB, probably 10 years old, had no trouble when formatting it.

Any comments on the antenna? Can I put some kind of antenna signal booster in line? Or just reboot without the hard drive?

I can’t speak to the New Rocketfish antenna. I’ll let others respond to that. I ordered the ClearStream® MAX-V UHF/VHF Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna. I am STILL waiting for it to be delivered! Fedex has dropped the ball on this delivery. Once I get it, plug it in, I’ll be back to give my thoughts. I’m hoping I can use it inside, but if that doesn’t work, I might try outside.

The curvature of the Earth will block most over-the-air broadcast signals at roughly 70 miles. According to the current laws of physics, it is generally impossible to deliver the 100 and 150-mile range claims some antenna manufacturers boast.

The earth is flat.

I had a similar issue with a few channels. I solved it by adding a signal amp between the antenna input coax and my tablo (GE 42178). It solved it for me but there is also a risk of too much amplification and losing more channels.

So, supposedly, my better antenna arrives today. I went digging for cables, and I found a coax cable that might be the right length, but it has little nodules on the ends. Does anyone know what that might be? I want to use the best cable possible, so if this might interfere with the signal, I’ll head off to Lowes to see what they might have.

Get some RG6 cable for the new antenna. That cable looks thin and might be RG59.

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Check Anntennaman on utube; he says"don’t do that!!". Apparently RG6 is what he recommends, but, cheaper cable can still be called RG6. I’m getting mine from Antennas direct. Again, UTube, antennaman, coaxial cable.

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Alex, sorry, I meant that reply Re coaxial cable to be to Pitzerboy!

In my opinion, I made an error in buying the Rocketfish, even though it is a Best Buy brand like insignia. It has a short (25") thin coaxial cable, and in positioning on the roof twice it is still unreliable. I have been watching Antennaman reviews on products and troubleshooting, and have purchased one he reviewed and new cable from antennas direct.

Thanks for comments and kind regards.

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By the way Pitzerboy, I lived in Richmond until 10 years ago, and I am OLD. Great city, my kids still live there, and I will probably return soon. Just sayin’.

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Just to prove you should always get multiple quotes and check pricing… I’m thinking I need at least 15’ of RG6 coax, so I looked at Lowes and Amazon. I thought I’d go with the GE cable. Here’s the prices:
Lowes: $13.98
Amazon: $25.44

The beauty of Lowes is that I can take it back if I end up needing a longer length. I probably would have bought the antenna at Lowes, but I appreciated the help Antennas Direct had given me, so I wanted to pay it back. I just wish Fedex hadn’t gotten screwy!

You can just buy a 25’ cable, not much signal loss between 15’ and 25’ so just get a longer cable.

I don’t know whether those are equivalent quality or not (maybe yes, maybe no). For example, RG6Q with a quad shield (usually 2 braided shield layers and 2 foil shield layers) will cost more than dual shield, but will also protect the signal conductor from interference better. I’m willing to spend more for that, but you need to look at the specs to see what you’re getting.
E. G. What's the Difference?: RG6 vs RG6Q | Syston Cable. System is ON.