Another server outage now?

All my devices are spinning on the Tablo… getting the latest screen…

7:26pm EST


Blue generic Unknown Error here on home screen.

Can get to recordings though.

Unable to load Live TV.



I can get to my recordings on my iPhone.

But I get errors on the home and guide not updating in the settings page.

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How is Roku handling it?

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Just spinning on the getting latest screen.


I’m getting the same thing. “unknown error” when trying to access ‘live guide’ or ‘home’

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I updated to latest firmware when I opened the app for the first time today. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Confirmed it is down for me as well. Android TV, firestick, and rokus all experiencing the same connectivity issues.


Same here, firestick, Samsung S22.


Not working in San Diego on both Roku (loads forever) and Android (Unknown Error)

I can access my recordings through my iPhone. My wife’s shows are recording.

This is good news for me!

Happy wife happy life!

Haha. I know that feeling. If it doesn’t record Greys anatomy tomorrow then I have to explain why I purchased this thing.


Maybe they forgot to warn users that when they delete FAST channels Crime Hunters and Film Detective today everything else will go down.

I’m glad I turned my gen 4 off until the next firmware update.

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Completely down on Roku and iPhone. Now getting a message: Failed to load. A network error occurred (on iPhone). Blue-lining on Roku.

Having issues here as well. I can see my old recordings, but that’s it. It won’t show channel listings or anything else

Also having issues, what they all said :point_up:t3:. Fire TV, Roku and Android phone.

Can play from Library on iPhone, but must sometimes endure a long wait before getting to the recordings.

Tablo’s outage last night was at roughly this same time.

Another unhappy user (located in the Denver area) … I just got Tablo working today using an Ethernet connection. Everything was working fine until this issue appeared. Same symptoms as everyone else. Of course, I initially thought it was an issue at my house unit I found this thread!

Same issues here in SW Utah. Tablo for FireTV is down. So is my iOS version. Sigh. Too bad they made this thing so dependent in the internet and their servers. If it’s any consolation, the Recast is no bueno w/o internet or Amazon servers, because the FireTV ecosystem depends on that, as well.

I think Tablo should be looking in to ways to keep basic functionality (like TV viewing, scheduled recordings, etc.) alive with no internet connection. I get that FAST channels and guide updates would have to disappear, but I see no reason not to be able to do things on the current guide data and settings, at least for several days which would be an unusually long outage for anything.

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I’m up now as of 5:48 PDT in San Diego.