Another server outage now?

8:50pm est…

Seems to be back up!

Back up as well. 6:50 mst. Thanks for the moral support yall

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And now it’s all back …

I just learned something about the FireTV app. I’ve been using the “Home” button on the FireTV remote to exit the Tablo app. It appears this does not actually close the app. When I go back in, it resumes right where I left off.

Alternatively, if I use the “GoBack” arrow on the FireTV remote enough times to get to the “exit Tablo Yes/No” message, and select “Yes”, the Tablo app appears to actually shut down. Then, the next time I select the Tablo app it gives me the Tablo start up screen and restarts.

The reason this is important (I think) is that just pausing the app and then going back in takes me right back to whatever problem I was having. Shutting down the app and then restarting it often clears whatever problem I was having.

Curious what others have seen in this regard.

Same here, CST.

@TabloCEO needs to hire someone JUST for the purpose of off-duty times when there are issues. Someone to monitor the forums to see if users are experiencing issues and let them know they’re not alone – and that they’re working on a solution.


I agree they need someone to monitor forums. I am back up and working now myself.

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Same here. I can get live tv on phone but televisions won’t connect to network. I just got my digital antenna out and connected it so I can watch television. Not good.

Every once in a while (at least once per day) My Tablo says it can’t retrieve guide data. I have the tablo box in a high wifi reception area and my TV is right above the Modem. It works fine an my phone usually. It also has a problem on any of the other tabs (Libary, home, live, etc.) saying unknown error, message support. I am using a Fire Stick on a Vizio Smart Tv. Is there a solution

The servers appear to currently be down. This may be part of the issues you’ve been experiencing (I have also had the same issues for a while now).

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Hi folks - Apologies for the issues last night. Everything is now back up and running as it should be.

same here