Android TV (Nvidia Shield) app always crashes

Everytime I power on my Nvidia Shield, I see a notification that my “Tablo has stopped responding.”

This is getting to be ridiclous because this issue was already posted a year ago

Please fix this. I do not want to return my Tablo

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Mi TV BOX had issue too.

Yes, I have been seeing this with my Mi II box also. Not a big problem, but just started the last few days.

Same on Nexus Player and Mi. Seems to only happen for me if I don’t “Exit” the app officially.

Same for me Xiaomi Android TV running latest app.

Since posting, it now happens every time I sleep the mi box. So I decided to just leave it on all the time. It is still randomly crashing and I can’t seem to figure out what is causing it. I always exit the application (not click home) and it is happening when I exit other applications like Netflix. And today when it popped up the message box I couldn’t click OK, like window focus was not on the dialog. I have tried clearing data, uninstalling and even checked permissions. All is good as far as I can see. It appears to be the background services that are crashing because it crashes on device power on before any application has been launched.

Same here on ShieldTV. It started this week. Timing does not correspond to either the ShieldTV 3.3 update a few weeks ago, nor to the Tablo 2.2.12 release. I did not notice a Tablo app update either.

Not seeing it on either of my Sony Android TVs.

Hi folks - We’ll have the team take a look at this today.

Is there something you’re doing when it happens most often? Watching live? Watching recordings?

Are you all using 2.2.12?

Which version of the Tablo app are you using?

Everything is up to date.

I can second the MiBox issue too. I am seeing it. I am still on 2.2.10. I am scared to update.

I am using the Tablo app version 2.2.12
I am also running the latest Nvidia Shield TV.

This happens after time I turn on my Nvidia Shield.
So if i turn off my nvidia shield, go to sleep, and wake up in the morning to watch tv, I will see the app has crashed.

Similar here … Android TV on Google Nexus Players (2 of them) … No regard for what function was being done the session before (live TV or recordings) but usually I leave the app on the Recordings tab when I am done. When I return to the TV later (over night or even just an hour or two later) the “app crashed” box is up.

I did not notice this before 2.2.12. In fact, can’t say I saw that dialog box prior to 2.2.12. Not saying it is caused by 2.2.12, but seems to be coincident with it.

I happens almost every time there is a change to audio interface. On my Shield TV it crashes on refresh rate changes or when I unplug my headphones from the Bluetooth remote. On my phone it happens when I unplug my headphones or when Bluetooth disconnects from my car audio.

I’m actually also seeing the same issue on my Nexus 5x.

Everything at the latest version. It’ll always be when I wake the ShieldTV up. I’m also starting to see in on my phone (LG V20) when unlocking it. I have not seen it yet when actually using the Tablo app.

The issue shows up when people go directly to their home screen from the Tablo app.
So if i use the Tablo app, click the menu button to go home directly, sleep ShieldTV, wake up SheildTV few hours later, and the Tablo App will have crashed.

As a fellow android developer, the Tablo app is not using the onStop() or onRestart() or onCreate() activity properly.
The Tablo app may be being destroyed (due to the need to free up memory). When the activity is back in focus onCreate is actually invoked again which may cause it to crash. idk just some thoughts.

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Not in my case. I always exit the Tablo app when done (not just hit home) and am still getting it.

Yup. Same experience as others here - glad I’m not the only one. Everything up to date, using an Nvidia Shield TV. App crashes constantly… if I switch to any other app, it’ll crash (not immediately, but definitely by the time I switch the unit back on).

Looking forward to a fix!

Is there a fix coming for this problem?

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It is getting fairly annoying to have to dismiss the Tablo crash every time I turn on the ShieldTV.

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