Amazon fire cube?

Does anyone know if Tablo works with the new Amazon Fire cube? I have a defective Roku Ultra and Amazon is taking it back. Was thinking of trying one of these. Anyone know if the Tablo app is compatible? Thanks!

From the FireTv Thread:

Snowcat, from what I’ve read, it’s basically Fire TV with Alexa built in so the platform might be the same as the TV. How does the app for that work? I’d like to try one and having the opportunity to return my Roku Ultra, would be a perfect opportunity.
For Roku users, I don’t know if folks know this, but if you buy a Roku device from Amazon, Roku won’t honor the warranty. So essentially you have a warranty during the short return window of My Ultra started acting up and I had to pitch a huge fit to get them to agree to let me return it. I bought all of our Roku devices from Amazon without knowing this issue. Thanks!

There is different code between all the older FireTv sticks/boxes and the 2017 FireTv dongle. What is unknown is whether the cube is based on the 2017 dongle, the old devices, or something completely new.

If you really want to try the cube out with the Tablo, you might just buy one from Best Buy or Walmart and see if the problem with live TV jerkiness exists or not. If it is a problem, then you can return it easily.

That is weird about the return policy for Roku devices on Amazon. I don’t see it listed anywhere, but it might be true. I still use all Rokus on my 3 TV sets, though I have an older FireTv box that I don’t use.

Yeah, it definitely needs work. Video was a bit jumpy. We had to switch back to our old fire TV 2nd gen due to this. I blame Amazon though. They should have sent out test units to all devs.