AMAZING! ChanneMaster LTE Filter

Great to hear. Mine is being delivered tomorrow.

Very pricey at $143 - ANTOP AT-400BV Flat-panel Smartpass Amplified …
Buy ANTOP AT-400BV Flat-panel Smartpass Amplified Outdoor/Indoor HDTV Antenna with High Gain and Built-in 4G LTE Filter 60/70 Miles Long Range …

Here you go, and yes it is kind of pricey, and I also needed vhf as well. I tried 6 other antennas that were not even as good as this one.

Random aside since this thread has been so popular…

Our video gurus purchased a cheapie LTE filter on the interweb and found that it did significantly reduce the amount of bit errors in the incoming broadcast stream. (You can read more about bit errors in this blog post:

The downside, is that it also introduced about a 4 db power loss on the signal. Not a huge deal for people with nice strong signals, but if you’re on the hairy edge of the digital cliff it could lead to more problems or even a total signal loss.

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Interesting. Would love to know if the Channel Master LTE filter introduces a similar loss.

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I ordered the Channel Master noted above. I am about 60 miles from the antenna tower that hosts most of the channels I watch. After installation, I noted that about 4 channels no longer have a strong enough signal for my TV. I assume the same would be true for my Table tuner, so I removed the filter.

Found this article with analysis of the CM-3201

It appears the insertion loss varies from 2 to 5 dB at different frequencies in the pass band up to 675MHz, then it climbs to 7dB at 695MHz.


@StuTomato - Thanks!

I just ordered this on sale no shipping from channel master.

Using my Sharp HDTV, I monitored the signal strength of a weaker station on UHF channel 48 with the Channel Master LTE filter both in and out of circuit. The peak-hold reading of 66 out of 100 did not change with the filter in or out of circuit. If it indeed has losses of 2db or more I could not detect it by this method. In any case I observed no ill effects with the filter in circuit.


Further reading for you folks on this topic:

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I have a 4G LTE Network extender on the same shelf
as my Tablo. I do get occasional pixelation on Tablo recordings, even though all my channels are marked as Green using my attic antenna Clearstream 2V Max.

Would a LTE filter help me get rid of some of that pixelation and audio skipping?

I just replaced my two bay bowtie antenna with this 400 BV and I am very impressed with the additional performance. 8 meg live tv and 5 meg recording settings I could not use…pixelation…until the BV400… 3 feet above roof level

I was talking to my neighbor who knew a guy a few blocks over that was selling Tablo DUAL and BV400 antenna for $125. (Most of you on this forum would not pass that deal up)

He demonstrated it to me and it worked perfectly so I took it home and installed it …no issues whatsoever… they are moving to a condo and everything is included they will not need OTA setup

I am only 18 miles away from the TV towers so I tried with and without the Smartpass LTE booster filter and had over amplification occur with the filter a few pixelization artifacts.

I also use the channel master 3414 distribution amp so the antenna went directly into the distribution amp and fed 4 rooms coax ports …one being reserved for Tablo…all working perfectly.

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Hey, that’s great - what a steal. Can’t beat another happy Tablo owner.

Been a very satisfied tablo customer approaching two years now was rocking the original 4 tuner…going strong

This forum has been Instrumental in my OTA adventure

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The Antop BV400 is a marvelous little antenna for unobtrusive installation. The Smartpass amp is also very good (got one for just $16). Second person (@ben1) at this forum mentioning this antenna positively. Great bargain because you got everything for half price!


Nice job on the install there. I love the way Antop product performs (and looks). You got an excellent arrangement on that purchase.

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How does this antenna perform vhf vhf channels. Specifically for the lo vhf band? Any feedback there?


Only 3 VHF channels
PBS 180 MHz
FOX 192 MHz
NBC 210 MHz

The rest …abc,cbs, cw, ion,Metv,grit…etc…are above UHF 500 MHz

All come in 1080 or 720…grit, metv…480… all channels list five green dots

I may give this a try I am ordering some 300 ohm wire and I am going to make one last ditch effort to get 6bc in Philly. If that does not work, I will give the Antop a try.