Allow a different recording quality for each show

This might be a repeat, but as it stands, the recording quality is set for the box, not for each show. I’d like to edit the recording options for a show, and see an option to choose “default”, which would be the settings for the box, or a specific recording quality for that show. This would allow me to record sporting events at highest quality, but regular TV shows at 720/30fps.

The way it works now, I have to change the recording quality on Sunday morning, and set it back on Sunday evening if I want to get NFL games at highest quality without burning through storage for my regular shows.


The simple solution is just get a big hard drive. I have a 4 TB hard drive (which is far from the biggest), and I keep everything at the highest quality. After 6 years, I still have 1.5 TB left (I do delete season and sporting events occasionally).

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Definitely a good request, but likely low on the priority list for new features.

They sort of understood the reasoning behind this request when they allowed Live TV and Recordings to have different quality settings. As in most people watch sports live (don’t quote me on that, that’s what I think). When Tablo first came out, there was only one global setting.

The decoupling of the Live TV and Recording Quality settings was done primarily for Tablo DVRs with onboard storage like the Tablo DUAL 64GB and Tablo 128GB. The recommended Recording Quality for these DVRs is lower (HD 720 - 3 Mbps) as higher settings will fill up the onboard storage more quickly.

Then, as you mentioned, it give examples using sports programming…