All recordings gone after 2.2.26 update

Just got the 2.2.26 update and went to watch a recorded show… We have a lot of previously recorded shows. And they are all gone? Is this common or just me?

This is definitely not expected, and we’d like to take a look ASAP. We sent you a note via your ticket for next steps.

There was this:

But they never did elaborate, if it was related to firmware upgrade.

I haven’t upgraded, but following along other’s I’s not common. Are they all gone, I’d strongly urge a call out to @TabloSupport before proceeding. If things can be salvaged usually it’s before you try to fix it.

I think my free 30 day trial expired and the version I got only supports 1 day in advance programming. Thanks!

Scheduling maybe, recording no. Advanced recording, like series and the graphics is by subscription. But the actual recordings - those are yours to keep!