Why did tablo wipe out all my sheduled shows?

Why did tablo wipe out all my sheduled shows?

Did you update the Tablo firmware recently?

Or did this happen out of the blue?

I don’t know, why did tablo wipe out your shows?

Sorry. The way your question is phrased it sounds like a line from a riddle. If you could provide some specifics there are sever experienced tablo users here will to offer assistance.

Which tablo, what devices do you use. How long has everything work “ok” before this just happened? Any unusual events, other than lost schedule, with network, TV or other devices?

Do you have an active subscription. An active subscription is required for scheduling all types of recordings other than manual recordings.

This is a fair question. If you go from having an active subscription to no subscription, then the scheduled recordings feature won’t work.