AIRTV Player has some Great Improvements


The AirTV Player from Sling is a nice little android box, geared strongly toward Sling subscribers. Though I’d never have thought of buying one, I Saw it on sale at Best Buy for just $77 WITH a $50.00 Sling TV credit in the box! Essentially, it’s a $27 box to me, so SCORE.

I redeemed my coupon, booted up the box and began exploring … I’m having a gas with this!

First of all, you can pull your OTA channels in from your Antenna and incorporate them right into the guide … your Sling channels and OTA channels are all on the same guide, same grid and get the same treatment. Further - you can select specifically, which GROUP of channels are displayed in the Channel Guide and Grid.

So, for non-Sling subscribers, you can select OTA only (or Favorites only) and you get a nice little TV box with your OTA Channel Guide. This is what I’ll be doing after my complimentary two months of Sling have expired.

Apps and Google , The Google side of this box uses the Android TV OS. So far, I’ve installed Hulu, Vudu, etc. and side loaded VPN & IPTV services. When you are on the “Google” side of things, you’re running it as a straight Android TV Box, no Sling, no OTA, just Android TV. To get back to the Sling side, just click “Guide” button.

If you’re a Sling subscriber, you have a cloud DVR which functions well, but costs an extra $5.00. For your OTA channels, there’s a rudimentary DVR in a beta-like condition, records to your own Thumb Drive or External Hard Drive. It works, and because it’s a new feature, I’m looking for improvement here (or a new box in development?). For now, it is rudimentary.

I’m not crazy about Sling TV (nothing bad, nothing good, just have a solution I prefer), but I love this funny little box. It is NOTHING LIKE the reviews I’ve read and NOTHING like the demos seen on Y…tube. They’ve made some nice changes and turned out a great product.

No, it’s not a Shield, it’s not a Skystream, but it doesn’t pretend to be. Not a Mi Box (it has just 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM), but for many people, a great little Cord Cutting appliance and I think it’s a gas. This will not be my primary box, but I’m definitely keeping it! It’s going to a (50-inch LG) Bedroom TV in a guest room.

End result? BEST little experiment I’ve tried in ages, with an IMMEDIATE Return on Investment!