TABLO Issues with AirTV Player

I recently purchased a Tablo and it works awesome via my Firestick but has issues via my AirTV player. Last night the guide info would not load correctly. Earlier in the evening it seemed fine, then we watched some shows on Netflix. When we went back to Tablo the guide was empty. this is not going to work if the Mrs has to reboot the Tablo to watch OTA shows. Now to be clear, we still have the antenna connected to the AirTV box with the Tablo next to the router in my office with the antenna connected to it. I use powerline adapters so the AirTV is hardwired to the router not WIFI. I am suspecting the antenna still being connected to the AirTV player might be the issue.

The Tablo needs an antenna to work. I guess you could try a splitter to split between the AirPlay / Tablo , but with no attached antenna the Tablo won’t work.

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That’s irrelevant. You are just using the AirTv box as an AndroidTv box, so it doesn’t matter if an antenna is connected to it or not. The Tablo app is going to act like any other app on the box.

What may be the problem is if the AirTv box isn’t fully AndroidTv compatible. It’s kind of weird to have an AirTv and a Tablo in the same home, since they do similar functions. There may be something about it’s software that the Tablo app doesn’t like.

Hopefully TabloSupport can help you out.

I am pretty sure he has two antennas or some kind of splitter between the two. The Tablo wouldn’t be working on his FireTv box if he didn’t have any antenna connected to it.

Then my apologies for misreading his original statement.

The AirTV box is the 1st generation put out by Sling to mix the OTA and Sling channels in the same menu. It does not work like the Tablo as it is connected HDMI to the TV. It is an Android based streaming device that supports most streaming APPs, (but not Prime). The good part is you can use the remote to control the TV and Sound bar and we do not have to switch TV inputs. It does now have a DVR option but only able to record one channel. Thus the Tablo to record two while we watch a third via the AirTV.

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I’ve had no problems with Tablo app on my AIR TV player. It’s on the Android TV platform, and (for me) everything is clockwork. I use this to click back & forth between Recordings on my Tablo, and those on the AIR TV player itself. Of course, I’m using a splitter, so that each appliance has it’s own OTA feed. You’re doing this, right?

Yes we love the AirTV player! Just wish it played nicer with our Tablo.

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Yes Ben, The Tablo hs a direct antenna feed as does the AirTV player. The splitter is in the attic.

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I bought one as an experiment, but love the box so much, it’s become a keeper. My free period of Sling will expire soon, but I’ll keep using the OTA Guide & DVR and continue to enjoy the Android TV side of things as well. I’ve got VPN, IPTV and other services loaded and working beautifully.

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