After almost one month living with Tablo and canceling DirecTV

I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with tabloTV. It passes the wife test and we do not miss DirecTV at all. As an added bonus on top of the $100 a month DirecTV bill that we are saving. We have less electricity usage by not having 2 DVR’s, swim power injector and multiroom DVR router. We are saving 150 watts an hour. That equals 1314 kWh’s a year. In our area average price $.15 a kilowatt hour that’s another $197.10 a year savings

I about fell over laughing when I read wife test.  Totally know what you mean.  Has to work flawlessly (or at least as close as possible) so as not to be subject to complaints…  I’m totally there.  My directv isn’t up until July, but I am testing out all of my equipment well in advance to hedge against wife blowback.

Mine shut down today! WOOT! 120.00 dollars saved a month.  Couldn’t have done it without Tablo.  Lots of suggestions to friends.

Glad you’re all loving your Tablo (and the money savings). 

Any plans for that extra dough? I know at least one person who’s paying a car loan with the money they’re not spending on TV anymore. 

I cut the cable cord last year, before Tablo was available.

I found another OTA DVR at that time.  After many issues, I thought I had to just deal with an inferior DVR and cross my fingers that I would have something recorded.

Then along came Tablo!  I was so excited to get mine out of the box and start playing around with it.  The Tablo has far exceeded my expectations.  I love the remote access, as I travel a lot, and I say every night when I sit down to watch my recorded shows “I don’t even miss cable”.

I really appreciate the customer support and I am happy to see that the dev team continues to work on improvements and listens to the Tablo community for suggestions.

I am looking forward to the 4-tuner version.  I don’t watch too much TV, but it seems that there is always something else I want to record when I already have 2 shows scheduled.

It’s been three weeks for me now, and my wife, kids, and I have made the transition away from DirecTv just fine.  The only real negative is that I am the only one that seems to want to use my nice 65" plasma Tv anymore.  ;)   Everyone else is watching TV on a tablet.  

I just love that this product works.  Sure, the software still has a lot of potential improvements, but the Tablo team did a great job getting the base functionality out the door.  I can’t wait to see how this product changes over time and how many more users buy this when the four tuner model comes out.

We are using the money we saved from the DirecTV dish and the space on the roof for solar panels.



@mb190e - Awesome! 

Very kewl!!

Nice!  I am interested to learn more about the solar energy push that Google is starting to offer.

@mb190e - You should check in and let us know how the solar installation is going. Is it offsetting your current electrical bill? 

The solar install is all done. It’s working very well I’m very pleased. The month of May was a full month of production we made 1049 kWh’s and we only used 257 kWh’s. Our surplus is banked with the utility. with the net meter we will use the surplus this winter when we’re using more electricity with lights and furnace. We will not be making as much power in the winter due to the lower sun and shorter days.

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@mb190e - Thanks for sharing! Is there a bank of batteries somewhere or do you feed right back into the grid? 

And you totally get imaginary internet points for having the first solar powered Tablo :)) 

No batteries, everything feeds into the grid and the meter counts backwards.


Let’s hope for a sunny summer so you can bank some KWHs for the long, hard winter. :) 

That sounds super expensive!  do you have a link to a website i can check it out and get a quote?

Looks like you’re in Illinois the company I used is based in Buffalo New York local company. although they did travel 4-1/2 hours to eastern New York to install my system. all said and done it was $10,000 out of my pocket. So between getting rid of the $100 electric bill and the $100 direct TV bill will have our $10,000 back in 4 years. And now we have free electricity and over the air HDTV with Tablo the next 25 years. Happy happy happy

You’re living the dream @mb190e… Now if only you could find a way to get free internet, eh? :) 

Wow @mb190e... you are truly a cord-cutter!  Bravo!

I canceled Time Warner cable about a year ago (Pre-Tablo) already had 2 Tivo’s so I continued to use those with Antennas plus add Roku. However, my downstairs TV (the one the wife uses) did not get good reception at all, which means I heard it all the time. I look about every few months or so to see if there is anything new that would work. Lo and behold along came Tablo with the best idea yet! I can put the box anywhere in my house (where reception is good)? And see it through my Roku’s and iPads, and phones?!!! What?!  Yes, got mine this last week and can say I am very pleased! 

Showed my wife how to watch Live TV the other day and when I looked the next day I saw she had setup some recordings! She is NOT Tech Savy at all, so I was in shock she did this without the need to explain how to do it! Thanks @TabloTV
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