After almost one month living with Tablo and canceling DirecTV

Should have added I have Apple TV and Chromecast :wink:

@Jestep - Glad you’re loving your Tablo! Happy wife = happy life  :-bd

I also cut the cable one year ago in favor of Tivo.  Considerable savings over Dish but I haven’t been happy about paying $15/mo for the channel guide that I don’t really use.  My new Tablo 4 tuner works just great plus the Roku interface is easier for my GF to use.   I’m going to keep the Tivo for a couple of weeks just to be sure Tablo is gremlin-free, but after that it will be pulled from the rack.

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Oh, I should have said when I originally bought the tivo I paid for lifetime subscription. Problem is, my first one is TivoHD and you can’t even buy their Stream to be able to view on the tablets. Other than that I still use them for OTA… Plus the Tablo… 

If I was doing the month to month Tivo, I would cut it just like you :wink: