Adjustable playback speed

I’ve become hooked on watching other media at higher speeds. I’d love to see the feature on Tablo! 1.25, 1.5, 1.76, 2. etc.) Once you become used to it, it can become quite addicting. Adding this feature would allow me to watch even more Tablo!

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I agree, I use this feature on YouTube, and love it.

Tablo can be accessed by several different apps/devices - Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo with different players.

It’s been discussed Firefox has variable play speed with the web app.

That’s an interesting idea. I do that frequently on YouTube.

I haven’t used Firefox in at least 5 years. I installed Firefox and it does have the feature! I guess I have a reason to use Firefox again! I’d still love to see the feature added so I’m not forced to use Firefox.

…and it’s not developed by a data mining corporation. There are actual privacy settings and addon-ons.

:thinking: a browser built by a corporation generating billions of global profits from advertising with demographic data collocated from everything you do … :musical_score: I’ll be watching you:musical_note:

[I understand it’s unavoidable and everywhere, but it can be limited - privacy has a price]

I’m a big fan of Firefox myself. I only use Chrome on rare occasions because it supports a few advanced features such as web flashing of micro controllers. MS Edge can go to … Well, I don’t use Edge. It’s a modified version of Chrome anyways. MS ticked me off by trying to shove Edge down my throat.

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