Play @ 1 1/4 speed, with audio

It would be nice to be able to watch recordings at 1 1/4 speed, with audio.

It makes catching up on a series quicker.

And there’s not much that’s more exciting than watching a hockey game at 1.25!

Hi BSJ – do you happen to use Android to watch? If so, you could use my app ota2go (in Google Play store, just use free version) and configure it to use an external player, then select MX Player when playing an episode. I just tried it out and there’s a playback speed option. Works really well, though I have to say it makes me kind of dizzy :slight_smile:

Who said you can’t? Of course it’s platform/device dependent. Use the web app via firefox browser and you play speeds from 1.25x 1.50x and 2x – so it is possible, as well as sctaylor’s option.

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Didn’t know!! Thanks!!

I’m using Chrome on a PC. Guess I’ll have to give Firefox a try…

…and of course you can always export recordings and virtually an PC media player allows for playback speed adjustments. Obviously this isn’t for everyone – depending how important it is to you I suppose.