Add Tablo Connect to Roku

Please add the Tablo Connect feature to Roku stick. It’s available on Amazon FireTV and Google Chromecast TV, but not Roku.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t have any Android stuff, so I won’t be able to use Tablo Preview.

More detail on my setup: I would like to access my home Tablo recordings from my RV TV/Roku/Tablo app, when I’m away from home.
I can access them from my iPhone/Tablo app, but I can’t screen mirror the Tablo app on my iPhone to my Roku. (Although I CAN screen mirror my iPhone, just not that Tablo app).
It’s looking like I’ll have to buy a Fire stick to replace the Roku.

Sadly if you search on roku tablo connect, you can find responses going back to the beginning, with varying phrases - we’re working on it.

The post I referenced did give some of the complexities why it doesn’t work like everything else, so it’s not so straight forward to just check a box.