A connection to the Tablo servers could not be established


None of my wired devices connect. I’m only able to see Tablo DVR from Android phone via WiFi.


@TabloSupport @TabloTV I can’t get on either. So I can’t watch TV on the one day this week that I was actually watching TV. I used to sing the praises of Tablo to others, but if this shit is going to happen and they can’t put ONE FREAKING GUY on the clock on weekends, I’m out.


New error for me:

“There was an problem establishing an authenticated session with your Tablo. This could be due to either authentication or internet connectivity issues.”

Come on, Tablo, help us out here!


Having same problem ! Guess we will have to wait for Tablo to correct problem. Are thier servers down !!


It appears that way. Try contacting them on Twitter or e-mailing them. Maybe someone monitors ONE of their accounts?


Seems the Tablo servers are going up, and down.
I’ve been periodically able to connect to my Tablo via http://my.tablotv.com, like just now, and then a few minutes later, I’ll get the connection to the Tablo servers could not be established error message.


My Tablo is up again and I’m able to connect from all devices.


Same here – started Friday morning. Roku boxes work; Win 10 and Android won’t


I am able to connect to my Tablo via Roku and via the Chrome browser on a desktop PC right now.


Everything seems to be working normally again.


Tablosupport is closed on the weekend.


Wonder if someone reboot the servers


This is exactly why they need to give some local control to the user. Update at 12.06 p.m. PST - everything’s up for me now.


Yep, back up again here.


I’m back up again as well. Went from not being able to see my Tablo on browser and Android back to full functionality.


It’s back up for me


Hello all - apologies for the delay. We did experience a brief outage, but everything should be up and running now. If you have any further issues (specifically at http://my.tablotv.com/) let us know.

New user: Just having the worst time trying to set up!

Down for me at 9:14PM Eastern…


The server appears to be back down again. I had experienced problems earlier today, but by noontime it was working again. My.tablotv.com is back to giving “A connection to the Tablo servers could not be established. Please check your Internet connection.” I checked and my Internet connection is working correctly but the Tablo server is not responding.


Same here, Boise ID. Was intermittent at times. Working on Roku TCL TV, Roku Box, Kindle Fire HD 10. But NOT PC - Win 10, Chrome browser & Edge browser.
Just adding comment. I do however like the recent update and I currently have a 4-tuner Tablo and really get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Thanks Tablo for cord cutting people like me.