A bad night for Commercial Skip

Last night (05Nov2019) the Commerical Skip feature seemed to have a bit of an off night. I am not expecting perfection, but this was enough that I thought maybe Tablo might be interested in knowing about it and looking into it. I had 4 failures, of two different types. On different channels for each recording, during primetime.

Commercial Skip Detection Failed

Still Standing | 8-8:30pm (e) | CBC 9-1
This is Us | 9-10:01pm (e) | NBC 4-1
FBI | 9-10pm (e) | CBS 62-1

Commercial Skip Upload Failed

The Resident | 8-9pm (e) | FOX 2-1

This last one is troubling to me, since it definitely isn’t following the “retry 3 times” rule before failing outright. Based on what I have read by Tablo, it should have tried after the recording, then if that failed, during the overnight maintenance window. And if that failed, it should be trying again tonight (technically tomorrow morning). There definitely seems to be issues here, from my perspective, since it is giving up prematurely.

What does this mean?:

Commercial Skip Detection Failed

I have that all the time on FOX shows. Everything else works OK.
All I know is I never fail to detect the commercials :crazy_face:

We did some major work on our servers yesterday afternoon which resulted in some unexpected behavior later in the evening. Some recordings were not correctly processed.

Everything is working as it should now and should be stable moving forward.

I’ve asked @TabloSupport to take a closer look at this today.

Thanks for acknowledgement of why something happens. I think it makes everyone more comfortable that it’s not just flaky service and that improvements are being worked on.

Tonight is no better and possibly worse than yesterday regarding Commercial Skip.

So far this evening, I’ve had 3 - Commercial Skip detection failed, 2 - Commercial Skip upload failed, 1 - Commercial Skip detection failed due to poor reception (no thumbnails) and 2 - programs that haven’t completed processing as of 11:10 pm CST. At least yesterday 2 out of 5 programs did process correctly.

Sorry, but that is a very poor batting average overall!

Unfortunately, I saw the same; another bad night. I had only 1 of 4 shows correctly work, which is disappointing because it had been working so well for the past few weeks.

I’d love to hear from Tablo some acknowledgement that they are working on a firmware update for the upload “3 retry before failing” bug that clearly isn’t working.

Commercial Skip Detection Failed

Riverdale | 8-9pm (e) | CW 50-1
Schooled | 8:30-9pm (e) | ABC 7-1

Commercial Skip Upload Failed

The Goldbergs | 8-8:30pm (e) | ABC 7-1

Indeed. Sorry folks and thanks for your patience as we work through some of the last things on our beta ‘to-do’ list.

We’ve rolled back the changes and will take another run at it once we get a better sense of why the tweaks we made didn’t have the outcome we wanted.

Crossing fingers that tonight will be a better night.

Sure would be nice if the retries were a bit more aggressive, at least during this beta period. We have many shows that we may not watch for a week or more and it would be nice of the commercial skip detection tried again. I of course understand that it might put even more pressure on the system, but…perhaps that’s not such a bad ‘test’.

In the Cincinnati area CW, FOX, and ABC are all 720P.

Maybe that is a clue.

Commercial skip seems OK except for ABC. I record only 2 shows, The Rookie and Grey’s Anatomy. Neither shows commercial skipped or thumbs. All other channels work pretty well.

Thumbnails are a requirement for the show to get processed for Commercial Skip. It sounds like there were too many errors in the broadcast stream for either to be procesed in this case.

0nly happens to ABC (digital 24) and is every time. Never happens to CBS (Digital 25). Signal is all green, dual combined rooftop antenna LOS 19 miles Tower is 3000ft ASL, I am 320ft.

As many have said, only ABC primetime fails to skip. Watching show is blemish free. Plex from HDConnect has no issues with ABC so currently I use it as backup for ABC only.