503 Server Excpetion Error

I’m trying to use the TABLO RIPPER app and it seems straight forward for what I want to achieve - ripping TABLO content into MP4s on my PC (on the same LAN as the TABLO ) for future storage, etc. However, each time I select a few files from my list, shift them to the right column, hit ‘START’ I get the error message “Exception: the remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable”.

I am trying to simply rip things locally, and eventually move them to my NAS. I am not dealing with any outside server or connection. No PLEX connection et. I have looked a bit in this forum and elsewhere to no avail. My PC is properly ‘sharing’ network drives, etc. I am baffled to what this means. Does anyone has first hand experience in helping resolve this?


@CycleJ developed this excellent program and may be able to help you with your problem. By my mentioning his user name here, he will be notified of this thread and hopefully will respond to your request for help.

I personally have been using this program for several years and I highly recommend it for the purposes you mentioned. I use it to copy older TV shows to my computer where I manually delete the commercials and then copy them to my NAS where I use Plex to view them.

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@CycleJ, I understand you wrote this software. It looks excellent and I hear great comments. I wonder if you can address my error 503 issue on my win10 PC please? I would like to start making use of this to rip some content. Thank you. Gkilfoyle

Remember, this is a holiday weekend. It’s quite possible CycleJ won’t see these messages until next week sometime, if then.

A http response code of 503 means there’s a problem on the server. In this case, the server is your Tablo, but before you tell me your Tablo is working fine (of course it is), you need to look at why your PC can’t “see” your Tablo on your local LAN. That’s what is really going on.

TabloRipper has two way of connecting to your Tablo. One is to ask Nuvyyo for a list of Tablos you own, the other is “local” and uses your local/internal Tablo IP address.

So the general solution for your problem is to double check how your LAN is configured. Maybe even assign a static IP address to your Tablo (using your router to assign one), then telling TabloRipper what it is.

But if all else fails, enable logging in TabloRipper and use it to send me your log file using a PM. Maybe I can be more specific once I see it.

Good luck.

I had a simaler problem.
Please read: [Tablo Ripper 2.4.1 Stopped working after 2.2.26 update [SOLVED] IP Address problem]

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