4th Gen Tablo - Sports on ABC, CBS and FOX won’t load

Are there blackouts on this device? None of the channels showing college sports today will load. I had to hook antenna ack to TV directly to watch without Tablo device. Is this suppose to happen?

I am getting them all. Pretty weird issue. Have you tried rebooting the Tablo?

Thanks for the reply. Yes. Rebooting didn’t seem to help.

Is it just those channels, or are non sports channels having issues too? I am just wondering if the sports channels use more bandwidth and your home network is struggling.

All other channels work, only the current games on (ABC, CBS and FOX) give that error messsage. Bandwith isn’t an issue, i’m a network admin by trade :slight_smile:

It looks like you are in the Live grid. Did you try to watch these by clicking in the actual show to “watch Live” or click on the actual channel on the left.

Thank you for responding. I noticed this is only broken from the Guide. If I go to “home” button and pick a game there, it works. Problem solved… I guess… :slight_smile:

You should always be able to watch a channel buy clicking on the channel in the Live grid.

That still is strange. I can access the games from both the live tv grid and the Home screen.

Hum… thanks everyone for helping!

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