4 tuner Gen 4 now available

It’s only $150 but there has not been any mention of actual shipping dates except maybe sometime in December. I already sold my other OTA DVR so need this to come ASAP. :thinking:

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We need more streaming channels. It make sense for them to make some sort of deal with Paramount’s Pluto tv or Fox’s Tubi to increase the IP channels to reduce the amount of tuners needed.

You get Scripps channels because Scripps owns Tablo. Broadcasters are very very very very protective of their data. In short, those “deals”, especially if it’s a competing broadcaster, will be pricey, or IMHO, never happen (unless Scripps acquires those channels).

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To my knowledge Scripps does not own Cineverse which have the amazing Retrocrush channel on Tablo 4th Gen

I’m just saying “deals” can be hard to come by, especially if you’re “the competition”.

Carolina Panthers: “Can we borrow Hurts for a few games?”

Eagles: No

Wish the 4th gen offered the ability to change recording quality. There are some shows that you don’t care if it’s in 1080p. Letting us choose the recording or compression quality would be awesome! (It’s hit-or-miss w/ flash drives when it comes to recording/saving/splitting files no matter their speed).

That is a really weird request. Disk space is really cheap. Recording space is no issue at all.

I completely agree with you about how cheap external storage is. I can’t see the benefit at this time, though, due to how often recordings split or fail (yes, on FAST) when using the internal drive. My thoughts are that any external device would be slower than the internal drive. Until I can figure out why this second Tablo is splitting recordings, I don’t want to add anything new to confuse matters more. My first records perfectly 95% of the time and usually any errors are due to a poor OTA signal. Since any drive I’ve used in the second device constantly splits recordings, and is still doing so using internal memory, it would be a nice option to have. 128G is a pretty good start. RN it’s mostly being filled up by test recordings that I need to stay on top of.

Hard drive speed should not be a factor for any Tablo.

I agree 100%. I’m starting to think I’ve got a dud.

Does anybody know when they 4th Gen 4 Tuner will be shipping from Best Buy? I pre ordered a couple weeks ago. The link above in this thread isn’t working for me, says error 404 not found.

Oh! I just got an email from Best buy, they’re shipping on Friday 12/15.

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Ugh, it says if I order today it won’t be ready until Jan 26. That’s too bad. I was waiting for a date since I need to travel to pick it up from a Best Buy store.

Got mine today from Best Buy. Hooked up and running.

First Tablo device, need to learn the system, as I’m coming from 23 years of TiVo.


Mine is here too, did not hook it up yet as I need to finish watching some shows on my other Tablo so I can use that HD on this new one. Hopefully tomorrow unless I can get thru some shows quicker.

I also use a TiVo Bolt OTA so 2 DVR’s. I think the TiVo is better just does not stream well, so I added a Tablo for that.

I gave in and said heck with it :rofl: installing the new 4 tuner now.

Can’t wait to hear how your testing goes!

You gonna try to record at least 6 things at once? DOOOO EEEET!

[Edit: Sorry about that. I’m overly caffeinated this morning and the 1.1.1 TV version has made my morning nearly hassle-free. Best Tablo day since installation.]

My 4 tuner arrived. Has anyone had two tablos connected at the same time? Can I just give the 2 tuner a new name, leave it connected to my network but disconnect it from the antenna. Then install the four tuner connected to the network and the antenna. Just not sure how my Roku’s will distinguish between the two tablos. This is just because of the recordings on the 2 tuner.

The apps have no trouble identifying multiple tablos. They do have unique IP and MAC addresses. But you will go crazy if you don’t give them unique names.

The name of your Tablo can be changed in the settings page.