32"samsung tv issue

I have 2 samsung smart tvs, both 32" and about 4-5 years old.
I try to get the tablo app though the web browser but i only get youtube videos of tablo…cant get to the app in google play.
Google web searches are very slow too.
No problem with larger 65" sam tv.

Are you trying to run the web app (my.tablotv.com) in the browser on the TV? That’s not going to work.

I’m trying to access and download the app within the 32" tv the same way as i did with the larger set.
For some unknown reason I only get youtube videos of Tablo.

To clarify, i see youtube video icons for Tablo…i don’t want that, i need the downloadable Tablo app.

Is that an Android TV set? Or the Samsung proprietary? What store app are you searching in?

Not sure if samsung prop…or Android.
Larger samsung no problem.
Tablo is not in small tv OS web so need to download app from google play which is accessible within the small tv itself.
When i try i only get youtube Tablo icons.
Perhaps the little sam…ng is not compatible like the larger brother.

If it’s google play… wouldn’t it be android based?

I suspect your older Samsung is not compatible with the Tablo app. I use a Roku with easy access. They are cheap and will solve your problems.

Yes I think you’re right about compatibility.
I’m not too familiar with Roku…
Is this a usb device or some kind of remote that connects to the tv?
Please send model info of the Roku u use.
A picture of it would be great.

There are different models available but they all have their own dedicated remote and a box/stick that connects to an HDMI port on your TV. See roku.com for the different models. I have a 4K compatible Roku Streaming Stick+ as well as an older 1080P Roku 2.

My recommendation with Roku devices is to go with the top of their line for longevity.

Roku does deprecate their cheaper models must faster.

So, pay $20 every 3 years… or pay $50 and get 7 years plus… I guess it depends. Sometimes with “newer” you’ll get a feature you really needed.

When I say $50 USD, realize I bought all my Ultras (from 2nd gen Ultra to latest) for $50 USD new in box from major retailers. They go on sale a lot more than people realize. If you paid $100, you’re probably still getting an ok part though, I’m just saying you don’t have to pay full price.

I still have Ultras in boxes because the Roku 3’s I have are working great (and in many ways, are better quality than the Ultra). The Roku 3 is a very old product, but was their top tier at one time (shows you the longevity of the platform).

My Rokus by detail:

Roku 3 4200X (Mar 2013 release, 3 of these in active use)
Roku 3 4230X (Apr 2015 release, 1 in use in lab, this is the only one hardwired)
Roku Ultra 4660X (Oct 2017 release, 1 in use)
Roku Ultra 4670R (Sep 2019 release, 2 in box)

My Roku 3’s are the most stable of the bunch. Stay up the longest without weirdisms that require a reboot. However, the 4660X is now the one that gets the most use. We retired a Roku 3 there that was heavily used and is still in excellent condition.

While the Roku 3 is (was) a rock. Don’t advocate getting one just because eventually Roku will retire this from working… it’s just that every year I say that, another year passes…

Thank you…I’ll look into this.
Sounds like i can get the app thru Roku and then load it into the Samsung tv.

Not exactly, you get a Tablo app from the Roku store and it runs on the Roku. Nothing gets loaded into the TV.

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I see…so just to be clear, the Roku device plugs (or usb) to the old Samsung tv like a new input then use their remote…
Thx so much.

Correct. It will actually plug into one of your HDMI inputs.

Here is a video of a step by step example. There can be USB involved but it is only to provide power to the Roku.

Got it thx much

Thank you Ace.

Read this too.