2020 Samsung Tv's Q90 series

Just bought a brand new Samsung TV, but the Tablo app is not supported
Samsung. This is frustrating as my old Samsung TV from 2017 supported the app.

Both have the Tizen operation system.

This makes no sense to me.

Any help out there? Thank you!

AFAIK, this is more Samsung’s fault than an app provider’s fault. You can say same for pretty much all the TV vendor owned OS’s out there.

But the Nuvyyo folks can certainly let you know their thoughts.

Samsung is one of several major television manufacturers (including LG and Vizio) with its own proprietary operating system and ‘app store’.

This non-standard approach requires special custom apps to be developed followed by months of red tape for approval and distribution. Even then, it’s Samsung that decides which apps get distributed to which TV models.

We realize it’s a bummer to have to get a streaming device for your brand new TV, but it’s probably a better route in the long run anyways.