Samsung Smart TV basic feature support

When Samsung is the single largest smart TV brand in the US holding 32% of the Smart TV market, why does @TabloEngineering not add support for pause/rewind/fast-forward on Samsung Smart TV’s. Even the entire app on new 2020 TV’s is missing. By failing to design this simple feature (and the whole app on new TV’s) is a complete deal breaker for me and my family as our entire household is Samsung. It really seems like Tablo has missed a huge mark by severely skimping their effort on the single largest portion of the market.

Probably because Samsung keeps changing their operating system. Build an app for Roku, AppleTv, web, etc, and it works on all devices of that type (except the really old ones that don’t have the horesepower). But build an app for a SmartTv, and it may only be good for a single year’s models.

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Also the Tablo app for Samsung TVs is not even available in Canada at all. And this is Samsung’s fault.

Stats seem to for for “sales” - not necessarily Samsung “smarts”. Likely many have a Roku, Fire TV, Android/Chrome/Google TV or even cable box as it’s primary interface. Maybe not, there’s not much reverence.

So, why is it that Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Prime Video, Google, Disney +, Fandango Now, Movies Anywhere, YouTube TV, HBO, CBS, NBC, ABC, Starz, Sling, Tubi, IMBD, and many more don’t seem to have a problem developing their apps on Samsung, but @TabloTV does? I understand the frustrations of developing apps for special platforms, but when the special platform has such a large portion of the market, it seems it would make sense.

You do realize that all those companies are 100x or more bigger than Nuvyyo?

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all those giant corporations are selling streaming services of content they own or have license to. I copy generates profits-profits-profits.

Nuvyyo sells equipment - devices. They need retail sales to generate profit.

It’s not 1:1 comparison, Nuvyyo owns nor distributes any content and sub-contracts the guide data. The “commercial skip” is a service they “sell”, but $2/mo unlikely generate millions in profits.

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I totally agree, some people just don’t understand how a business is run and ROI.

I do understand ROI and how a business is run. I also understand that you need to not pretend you can do something if you can’t do it well. If Samsung is such a pain, then write it off and make sure to advertise loudly that you have done so. Heck, throw Samsung under the bus in your documentation for all I care, just don’t tell people that you have an app for Samsung for them to later find out that it is basically garbage.

People are forced to buy a smart TV whether they want the smart part or not. Many people prefer to pick the media player they prefer and connect it to an HDMI port.

People are often aware of the issues of obtaining apps from a proprietary OS. And I’m not sure Tizen rises to the level of joining other TV’s in the pantheon of smart OS’s.

I’ve got an expensive Sony and not only has it never been connected to the internet I couldn’t tell you what OS it’s running.

Samsung needs to be able to advertise compatibility with POPULAR program providers (like Netflix, Disney, etc) to drive the sales of their TVs. They sell lots of TVs. Its in their best interest to work with large program providers.

The Tablo user-base is significantly smaller than that of Disney. Samsung has less impetus to work with, and approve apps from smaller developers; they may provide the API and that’s it. Since their OS provides unique hooks and pitfalls for developers, it burns more of a limited software R&D budget. Sales are the bottom line for both companies. They decide if development and inclusion of support for XYZ brand will result in sufficient sales boost to cover the costs.

Another way of looking at it is: why did Samsung & LG develop their own unique OS instead of using a more common one line Android or Roku OS?

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Liscensing? Having to display another companies logo next to their globally recognized one? Profits?

My complaint is the Advertised use of Tablo as “ Watch Live & Recorded TV on Your Favorite Device” is part of their strategy but they aren’t living up to the marketing hype. Although it’s not a lie, they have more options than anyone else. However, In the details we find that commercial skip is not available on all streaming devices. I would be far happier if they just said use Tablo on Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV. Then deliver all features across those platforms. I purchased Tablo because it had the better recording quality than Fire TV Recast or AirTV and it worked on so many devices. Only to find out later that it works much better on Fire TV and Apple TV including the commercial skip feature. (I don’t have Roku to test).

Perhaps they need to include in their marketing “ except when we don’t have time to work on features for your device”.

Add Android TV to the list of devices that support commercial skip. Wouldn’t that account for the 4 actual main “TV” UIs that aren’t tied to a specific brand of TV?

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