2 homes 1 Tablo

I have my Tablo in my primary house. I have a second location and want to connect to my Tablo with AppleTV Gen4. in second location. The app asks to scan.

Is there a way to connect without scan on the AppleTV app.

I know I can Airplay from a device

Not all devices/apps will work with Tablo Connect - verify this first.

The Apple TV app, like the Roku app, doesn’t support Tablo Connect (watching remotely).

However, if you’re tech savvy you can make it work. I run a VPN server where my Tablo is located and then at the remote location have a separate router connect to that VPN. I then connect the Roku to that router and I can use the Roku remotely. This requires no “pairing” of the Roku to the Tablo, but some networking knowledge.


the user96 provided a good way around it. Given that you are using an Apple TV at the place where you don’t have the Tablo, if you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, you can connect when you are in primary house with the app, then when you go to second house without Tablo, open up the app on your phone and AirPlay from iPhone or iPad to secondary home Apple TV.


I should stick with coffee first before getting online :smiley:

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@theuser86 Is your VPN on the same subnet? Or can it be a site to site VPN such as: <- Tablo <- Remote device

I could setup a site to site VPN between two sites to get around this limitation but they would still be on two different subnets.

They can be on different subnets.

They key with this setup is since you cannot change the Remote Streaming Quality cause the remote device thinks it’s “local” is to have high enough upload speed where your Tablo is located.

What is the internet upload speed where your Tablo is? You’ll likely need at least 10 Mbps or higher to avoid buffering issues.

Also try to keep everything hard wired. I’ve noticed latency issues with VPN over WiFi that causes buffering but same VPN setup with everything hard wired and no buffering issues.

The Tablo is on a 300 meg fiber line, so that side is OK. The receiver would be on 25mb download.

I am surprised the client can find the Tablo box on a different subnet, any idea how it finds the box?

This solution would also get around paying Tablo for the remote connection option, since they don’t property support remote access (in my opinion) why should I pay for it?

Well the subscription gives you much more than Tablo Connect (aka remote viewing). Use the Tablo for a month with the subscription, you’ll likely see it’s worth the investment.

Having to do manual recordings, etc looks no fun. I’ve never used my Tablo without a subscription and I’ve had it for 5 years.

What is the make and model of your HDTV anyway? Maybe you can just use the VPN to pair the TV to the Tablo without physically moving it. Then you can use the Tablo Connect feature.

I’m quite pissed right now (don’t even have my Tablo yet) as I purchased it specifically because of the advertised feature to connect remotely.

Only to find out it will not work for what I want.

I saw you chatting previously with another guy:

What he was trying might actually work. Putty has a feature to create a type of tunnel. You would need an SSH server on the same network as the Tablo.

Then on the network of the client device, you setup putty (here is a little guide) which can forward any ports that the Tablo is looking for. Putty would essentially act as a fake Tablo, answering and forwarding all traffic it receives to the network where the physical Tablo device is sitting.

In my case, I should only need that to ‘authenticate’ the device and after that it would be able to connect the way Tablo designed. My issue is I can’t haul the device to the Tablo network to do the initial authentication.

The way the discovery works, or at least used to…is that the client sends a broadcast on port 8881 and then listens on port 8882 for a reply of all of the Tablos…

So…if you are doing port forwarding and such, you’ll need to ensure you include 8881 on the outgoing, and need to ensure that the return trip of 8882 can get back to your network.

My question is regarding snowbirds. While we are gone for 5 Months I place our internet carrier on hold so I don’t have wifi. Do I just unplug my Tablo and take it with me (search for channels in the new zip code) and set it up and our southern location? Anything I need to know that doesn’t seem obvious? Thanks

That’s pretty much it. Change the zip code then do a scan. Make sure to save the new channels. Existing scheduled shows should just work. You’ll need to bring your streaming devices (Roku, etc) or get new ones for the other home. And install the Tablo app on them (or the TVs).

Thank you…I will be taking my Amazon Fire stick and subscribing to their internet carrier. I can’t see paying for services I won’t be using :wink: