2 HDD possible?

I have had one HDD a 1 TB that has been working fine.
Recently I recieved another HDD a WD RED 3TB.
I have this hooked into a external case and plugged it into the Tablo.
It seen it fine ( Even though it was only reading 2 TB worth instead of 3, This had the same issue when plugged to PC testing) and Tablo asked if I wanted to format the first partition.
I formated the 2tb partition VIA web browser VIA tablo. Now it is not showing up as a storage.
It is still only showing the Seagate HDD (origional) in web browser.

Is there a way to show both HDDs or select what one you want to record to?

No - it only uses 1 hard drive. You currently cannot migrate old recordings from the old drive to the new drive.

Well to be technical, not easily. If you search the forums, people have found ways to do it, but it’s not officially supported by Tablo (aka if you lose all your recordings, you’ve been warned).

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The Tablo Dual Lite only has a single USB port, so it’s unlikely Tablo would develop anything to make use of the dual ports on the original units.

Just curious…anybody know why the original Tablos have 2 USB ports?

I use the second port to power a usb fan to draw away the heat.

Good idea !

[my reply is about seeing only 2TB on your 3TB drive… as others replied, only 1 drive is recognized by the TabloTV DVR, even if you hook up a USB hub etc… update May 5, 2018]

You need to “repartition” your 3TB drive so that you can use the full 3TB on your WD Red drive. Once you partition your WD Red drive to have one big partition, the TabloTV “format” should provide 3TB of storage. The Tablo will re-format the 3TB partition with the filesystem it needs to have.

Your WD Red Drive may have a “Master Boot Record” [MBR] partition map. My TabloTV drives are set up with a “GUID” partition map [GPT].

If you want to try to copy your 1TB drive to your 3TB drive - here is what I followed to pull this off… How to migrate to a bigger drive?

Basically you boot Linux from a DVD and then hook up your freshly formatted 3TB drive and your original Tablo Drive. This flavor of Linux knows the filesystem used by TabloTV, and then a file by file copy should get your info over, but a terabyte takes a long time to copy on a USB 2 interface.

Be careful, you do NOT want to repartition your main computer drive, just the USB attached drive.