2.2.8 more harm than good

The newest release has been great for Roku. Things load much more quickly on the app than prior.

However, went to flick on Live TV tonight and got the Error: Weak Signal. That didn’t sound right, and after some spot checking I realized it couldn’t be the case. After a few searches on the forum (posts from April 2015) the solution was to just do a reset.

Did that and had live TV back. After the show I went digging through my recordings for something from four days ago, and on the Roku got Unknown Playback Error. More specifically, and more terrifyingly, the web app stated Recording file not found on the disk.

Looking at settings, the half a gig of usage I was seeing earlier in the month is gone–the disk is now only showing .01TB as used–roughly a couple hours of scheduled recordings since this happened. Those recordings are showing up correctly. I have to presume the 200-odd unwatched shows are gone. Though they still show up on the app. Which means a ton of manual cleanup if things aren’t recoverable. When you click watch you get nothing but the error.

There’s more detail here, but as a professional software tester I hate doing this stuff in my spare time and won’t bore the community. I made one standard, innocuous change today that I have to assume to be the culprit in hand with the firmware. It caused the whole thing to come down around my ears. Everything I love about this device is now in question.

And I’m angry that whatever happened wasn’t caught in regression.

Having problems here too. Mine is suddenly not responding and can’t be found on the network until rebooting it. Not just roku. iPad/iPhone lose it as well.

Can we revert to the old firmware? At least it worked.

Surely you read that when you reset your Tablo that it formats your hard drive. Now, if you meant to say rebooted your Tablo, then you might have an issue for support to look into. Just like pressing the reset button on your firewall/router, it resets the device back to defaults, including wiping all memory/recordings.

I’ve now had problems with the 2.2.2 and 2.2.8 problems where I’ve had to contact support and submit tickets only to have the solution be a complete and total reset resulting in the loss of recordings. I’ll be waiting at least a month and reading these boards before upgrading in the future.

One of the best things you can do before a reset is to use one of the 3rd party apps in these forums to convert your recordings or to hook your HDD up to a live Linux distro and pull the files off manually.

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I’d have to say, no, I did not read that.

I also have to say I find it odd that all of the listings under recordings, images and metadata, are all still around, as is my scheduling. I find it super strange that all of the placeholders still exist, just whatever they are pointing to is MIA.

Wouldn’t you think that (1) all of the listings of the recordings would be gone as well–I mean, where is the listing data stored if not on the drive, and (2) if the links to the recordings are still around I have to think that locating the actual file on the drive shouldn’t be a monumental feat.

Can you cite where I should have expected this @chesh?