2.2.26 Restart Due to Low Channel Signal

Ever since I upgraded to 2.2.26, the tablo will restart if a channel is recording but gets low channel signal. Has anyone had this issue. Rather have a bad recording than affecting multiple concurrent recordings or reboot while watching from the recorded list.

Yes, unfortunately, that’s how it’s been from the beginning.
@TabloTV is aware of it.

If you search on low signal reboot you’ll find you are not alone. For many, it doesn’t seem to be common, but for others it’s a PITA.

I’ve had it on occasion, but it’s in frequent for me… There are others that have engineering explanations why it shouldn’t happen.

Yes, I’ve seen it when I had a low signal level problem, as well as when a station temporarily went off the air while I was watching it. @TabloSupport is aware of it, but for some reason, they have not commented on it, so I would not expect to see them reply here.

Same issue here from time to time. I miss a few minutes during reboot, but the recoding picks up again.

They’ve commented before

Just that many don’t like the answer or want a different one “by now”.