2.2.20 update due when?

I had a problem that tech support corrected.:Below is the text from support: They said a new version is out soon…When?

Hey Tom,

I was able to manually fix the database entries for the recordings you were having problems with, so the ones you’ve recorded but haven’t been able to see should now be visible, and your recordings should hopefully record properly from hereon out. Definitely let me know if they don’t and we’ll take another look!

In the meantime, we’d ask that you refrain from deleting any old episodes of the programs you were running into issues with. What I’ve done is just a manual fix, and when our next firmware version is released soon (v. 2.2.20), you’ll be free to delete any programs you’d like.

Let me know how things look on your end, Tom!
Talk soon,

Gotta love relative timeframes.
If they follow the standard process, then it could be days or weeks, depending on the length of beta testing.
There’s usually much more than 1 fix to test in the beta, and they usually add even more fixes, and enhancements before the beta period ends.
I don’t see a new Tablo firmware beta test yet, though.

How does one get on the Beta program?

If past experience is any indication of the future all you have to do is search the forum for previous firmware release dates.

They rarely release more then 2 firmware releases a year. But since 2.2.18 was released in January of 2018, you might see 3 this year.

This sounds a lot like the database corruption issue they had a long time ago, where the database gradually degraded over time. Sounds like it may have reared its head again?

I haven’t seen a recurrence since it was fixed.

Click on the Google Docs form link labeled ‘Tablo Firmware Beta Sign Up Form’ on this page:

Fill out the form, and submit.

Have been waiting for this fix for quite some time.

Tech support said when available they would remote to our unit and resolve the DB issue.

Seems now we have to wait for a firmware update. :disappointed:


If you’re referring to the issue noted above, where some recordings can’t be a accessed, we can solve this remotely.

We’ve been reaching out to users that have this issue. If you already had/have a ticket with us, send us a note and we’ll get to you ASAP.

Do have a ticket and already sent a note some days ago.

Sorry for the wait - I’ll have the team reach out.