14 day grid instead of 24h

As the title say do you have plan to put a 14 day grid instead of 24h? That is useless for me! (With this feature i will be a subscription buyer!)


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There are no plans for a 14 day grid. The guide does go for 14 days, and you see that in the sections like Live Tv, Prime Time, Sports, etc.

I think it works a lot better this way than with a 14 day grid. You can easily search for shows you want, as well as see what episodes are coming up.

Totally agree, much easier then scrolling through 13 days to schedule the show that premiers then, just search for it. It just took me a while to get used to it.

I agree also. Coming from DirectTV with a DVR, it required a change in mindset for me, but the way Tablo is set up, it’s actually easier and more efficient to find shows than with the 14 day grid. Further, if a show jumps to a different channel, like Supergirl or Last Man Standing, Tablo will find and record it.

One more agree. At first I thought it’s odd, but the way Tablo set it up makes a lot of sense. I pretty much don’t use the grid at all, and just search using one of the other ways. 1 day grid is more than enough for me.

Ok what about both option available! :wink:

Tablo sends out customer surveys at least quarterly via e-mail to registered subscribers. This is a key way in how new features get prioritized. They take into consideration forum posts as well but the surveys reach a much larger audience.

So when the next survey goes out, be sure to mark this as a top request, if enough people agree, it will be done.

With that said though, I believe most people end up liking the image design better. It’s true, you may never come over to the dark side, we all have our own opinions for different use cases but I too at first hated that the live TV grid was so short as well, it didn’t make sense.

But like those above, I eventually came around and realized how much the thumbnail and searching by genre or premiering or new was so much better. (again, for me anyway).

Since most follow that pattern, extending the live TV grid likely won’t happen, BUT when that survey comes out, get it on there! I could be wrong, there could be a silent majority who want it.

There is certainly a group of folks who have argued many times for a longer grid guide…

But aside from ‘that’s what I’m used to’ or the wish to see recording conflicts via a grid-style setup, we really haven’t heard any arguments that made sense to us as to why we should undertake this kind of update.

The Live TV grid has always been intended to be the place to see ‘what’s on NOW’ and the TV shows, Movies, & Sports screens as ‘what’s on later’ interface.

If any of you have reasons why you ‘need’ to scroll through 14 days of grid, please let us know!

And it’s not QUITE quarterly… It’s about 2x per year. We’re aiming to do the next one in September, so stay tuned.

Whoops, wishful thinking… :slight_smile:

I can think of a few reasons someone might want a longer grid. If they like the type programming a particular station airs, they might to see what else is on that station versus weeding through the current guide. For instance, they like local programming on their PBS station, they could discover similar programs with a longer guide. If they don’t know the name of the program, they would have have a hard time discovering it in the guide. Not a strong argument for an extended grid, but perhaps one for the list.

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That’s why we’ve got the ‘channel’ filter in the guide (at least on the web app and apps based on it).

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Didn’t know about the channel filter. I rarely even use the guide, and if I do it’s usually on Roku.

And that’s why there’s an internal debate on how often people actually USE the ‘channel’ filter and whether it should be added to the newer Tablo API that Roku, Apple TV, and other apps use.

It takes a little time to grow on you, but I bet a lot of people (including me) like it just the way it is. :smile: It doesn’t need “fixing”. Spend your time on more important things.

It would be good to have a chronological time filter, to see which programs come next in the next few days. Ether per day or all together, a day after the other one.

While the “old” me would have agreed with this, in the end aren’t you more interested in just deciding IF you want to record a show rather then whether it’s in the next few days or not? Why worry about when exactly it is? But if you do want to see what stuff you have decided to record is coming up in the next few days there is the Upcoming/Coming Soon filter in the Scheduled section.

Not trying to argue as it’s a personal choice for everyone but providing another perspective since I have gone down this same road myself.

I use it a LOT actually, so yes, I vote to add it to Roku… (and yes I will put that on the next survey!) :slight_smile:

They do have that for Roku and a few other devices, they are working to get it added to all.

The channel filter is one of the few useful filters.

If you have a lot of sub-channels and/or live in PDT it’s hard to consider Prime Time very useful. It’s hard to consider Mr. Ed and Car 54 a true Prime Time event.

@zippy, Prime Time describes a “time range” and not necessarily Zippy’s favorites. Maybe need a Zippy filter?