14 day grid instead of 24h


What you have to realize is that if you live in PDT the events that are normally considered Live aren’t part of Prime Time.

All the Live sporting events (playoffs, etc) that start at or after 8PM EDT time are 5PM PDT and thus not Prime Time. Other special events such as Oscar, Tonys, Grammys, etc. are 5PM events and not Prime Time. Also other regular scheduled programs may start at 7PM PDT and are thus not Prime Time.

Plus 3 of the six major channels start their evening news at 10PM PDT and are Prime Time. But are they really Prime Time.


I guess the simple solution is to move from PDT to EDT.


I wonder if the setting of the range is doable, or if this come from the EPG provider? If the former, sounds like a good feature add. You might still get “My Mother the Car” in your custom prime time settings though.


I would like a zippy filter, just cuz the name sounds cool. :slight_smile:


I was actually born and grew up in EDT and was lucky enough to escape to enjoy the beach and California girls. Maybe I should move to Chicago.


It is a really big job to simply put a longer grid??

My old express vu receiver (probably 10 years old) have a 14 day grid!!!)

You can keep both and we choose what we like!

Just bought my tablo a month ago and my subscription trial is ended up. This missing feature is a no go for me! As i will program my record by date and hour…

But i wasnt expect all these comment! This is a high debate subject! Ha ha!!


Yes. It is a major performance hit, especially for those that keep every channel in their market available.


You rather setup manually recordings for each show than rather just use the smart scheduling for the “set it and forget it approach”? You set the show once to record new episodes, if the show moves time slots or even to a new channel, it will continue to record.


How did you set shows to record on your old DVR?

On my old cable box DVR (4+ years ago), I would set the show and hit record, I wouldn’t scan the 14 day grid looking for when it would air.