YouTube TV review

Because the Vandy football game last weekend was only on the CBS Sports channel, I decided to sign up for a free month of YouTube TV, which is one of the few streaming providers to have it (Hulu is the other).


  1. I used it to watch two football games, and both had excellent quality on my PC with no dropouts or crashes.
  2. Strong in sports. You get the ESPNs, SEC Network, FOX Sports, local FSNs, CBS Sports, Tennis, and Olympics channels.
  3. You get some local channels as well, depending where you live. In Nashville, I get ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.
  4. You can DVR most anything and there is unlimited storage (for up to 9 months per recording).


  1. The only way to get the stream to a tv set is to use Chromecast or Apple Airplay.
  2. No Viacom channels, limited kids tv (it has Disney but not Nick or Cartoon Network), no CNN or AMC.

The cost is $35 is supported cities. You can stream to computers, tablets, and smartphones.

I plan on cancelling soon because I have Sling Blue (and get my ESPN channels another way), but it is intriguing, especially for sports fans.

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You don’t need to Chromecast for this, you can stream that on Roku. There is a Roku channel for YouTube TV, also on Android TV box, such as Xiaomi Mi, Shield, Skystream and others.

Also … cost is $40. I did the trial on this a few months ago, other than the cost everything was pretty good.

When I wrote this a year ago, the app was very limited. But it supports most (if not all) streaming devices now.

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I was just being stupid, didn’t realize the original date was SEP17 (versus SEP18) haha. All things considered, $5.00 increase in one year, not bad I guess.