"your tuner has been reassigned or your device has temporarily lost connection"

I’ve seen other postings with this issue, but I did not see any real resolution.

How did others solve this, or at least troubleshoot it? It only started 2 days ago, and only thing that changed was I moved the unit and hard drive about 3 feet to a different table; antenna did not move, same Ethernet cable. I am watching with a Fire TV Stick, and both TVs with different Sticks show the error.

Hard wired to a Netgear N6250 router. With all the other issues and concerns with this device, I have 4 days before I can return it. That might be the plan, but I do not want to. This concept is great.

btw… I have opened a ticket with Tablo Support, but no response yet.

Your Tablo was not recording anything at these times?

A recording that has started will re-claim a tuner you’re using if there are no other tuners.


All I can suggest is replace the Ethernet cable from the Tablo to router, reboot the router then reboot the Tablo. See if it occurs again.

Do you have this issue on other playback devices? Smartphones or tablets?

I can try your suggestions tonight after work.Are you theorizing that the movement of the device did something to the connection?

I did try to watch a recording last night on my iPad, and had issues as well.


It’s possible. My last suggestion is you reserve an IP address on your router for the Tablo, this is called DHCP Reservation (analogous to a Static IP).

I can try both tonight.

Thanks again theuser86.

No problem - On how to do that, page 36 of the manual below.

Got it.


I had this exact same issue this morning before going to work. I power cycled my router and tablo. Everything came back up and appears to be working now.

My tablo is hard wired to the router. Nothing had been moved in my case. I’ve connected a few times this morning on my phone and tablet from work and the live feed and recording are working. Anyway, try power cycling the devices.

I did recycle the Tablo last night, but not my router. Another thing to try tonight.


  1. I moved the Tablo again and placed it on its side; it was very hot.
  2. As a result of #1, I moved the antenna about 3 feet.
  3. I replaced the Ethernet cable.
  4. I set my router to reserve/assign an IP address.
  5. Power cycled everything.

I then fired up the Fire Stick, and… Same issue. Recycled the App about three times and have not had a problem. Nothing recorded at the moment, but live TV seems fine.

[fingers crossed] Hopefully we have addressed the issue. [/fingers crossed]

Since we have plans for today, probably won’t get much testing done. But rest assured, I’ll keep you posted.

btw… Still no response from my support ticket after more than 24 hours. Probably nothing over the weekend either.

Thanks to everyone here for your help!

Update #2:
After hours of watching live TV on multiple devices, the issue has been drastically reduced. Notice I didn’t say eliminated.

I have had the error maybe three times in six hours of watching. Once I exit the App and restart, everything is fine. Most might find this acceptable, but I don’t, since all other streaming Apps work fine.

I will l live with it for now, but sure would like to know the root cause. Thanks again to everyone here. I hope I’m not back for yet another issue.

Oooooops. Just as I posted this the crap starts again. Three times I restart the App, and each time I get the guide, select the channel, and then get the error. Twice I selected the channel and the show played for about three seconds and got the error. Finally, after five restarts, it is working.


Open a Support Ticket with Tablo so they can look at your logs so they can find a fix for your issue.

He did open a support ticket, see the post that is two his last post.

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You did receive an email that a ticket was created right? You may want to call in tomorrow and see if you can speak to someone.

Thanks @Canons900.

Yes I did receive an email confirmation from support.

How useful will calling be? I can only call from work during support hours, so won’t be able to really do anything.

Email them and put the device into remote access mode before you leave. They can go in and access the logs while you are at work. That’s what I did.

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has anyone figured out what the issue to this is? i just got my Tablo 2 and only 2 days in and seeing this issue on my home network pretty frequently. I have a brand new Asus Onhub router thats been rock solid for 2 months and my tablo is using ethernet. i have it set on a wire rack in the basement so heat is not an issue either. given this and the random hard drive not found errors i’m really on the fence if this is worth the hassle. is support typically pretty responsive? i’ve heard it can be slow at times

Thank you for the response. To your points on my end:

  1. I’ve had it happen both over wifi , and on my fire tv which is connected via gigabyte with nothing else running on my network
  2. i only have 1 device/channel/tuner being used at the time
  3. I’ve set a DHCP reservation for my tablo on my network already and rebooted a handful of times to verify that it always receives the same IP
  4. i’m not sure if you mean too many resources on the tablo (ie. cpu, memory, etc) or on the network so can’t comment to that

I will say that I am still waiting on my WD hard drive to arrive so from reading around someone else mentioned that w/ .12 firmware live tv w/out a drive is pickier. hoping when the elements drive arrives tomorrow its better otherwise theres no way i can keep this setup in the house w/out getting an angry wife/kids.

thanks again