Young Turning to Antennas


Bring back the minidisc player!


But what about the MAXI disc???


Still a bit contemporary (laser? who needs that?)



I have XM Radio in my car. The FM stations around here had so much talk it got boring. On my entire ride to work (before I retired) the 2 DJs were involved in some sophomoric prank that wasn’t even funny and not one bit of music for over 20 minutes. Just them.
Now we have the Roku XM radio app too. Not sure why I even have all of these DVDs and LPs. But the wife wants me to hook up the old DVD carousel and the turntable … even though I haven’t seen her spin vinyl in years.


Those two are before my time :smile:


We never but 5 discs in the carousel. And… the video is component with an optical audio. I’d like to replace it with a single disc unit that uses HDMI.
Oh well :man_shrugging:


I recall laser/video disc. But, I don’t recall the pic cjcox shows. I see the laser disc, side 2 is mirrored? I remember the first VHS (yes, after beta-max) players were almost the size of a modern small microwave.


The guys across the hall from me in college had the Selectavision thing. An LP that does video. They had “Alien” in particular.

Next door, the guy had a quadrophonic 8-track system.


I still have two RCA VideoDisc players and around 50 to 60 movies, however, I haven’t watched them in 20 or 30 years. I know some people claim that music on vinyl beats digital, but no one would ever say that about video on vinyl. VHS tapes were a step up from VideoDiscs and I have no plans to go back to VHS unless something I want to see isn’t available any other way.


My 17 year old daughter has a tv in her room but never watches it. She only watches Youtube on her tablet.


I’m young by the standards they put & I’ve got an antenna setup but I’ve got like 50 friends who don’t have antennas & don’t care about them. So I guess I don’t know who they asked for this survey.


It would depend who paid for the survey and what results they wanted. Well, they may ask many but statically adjust the algorithm to produce a successful survey for the customer.


I call that the Barry Manilow syndrome.

The guy evidently sold a couple zillion records / cds. Yet, I’ve never (ever) seen one in any household I’ve ever visited. You can ask five of your friends, and they can each ask five of their friends, relatives, co-workers or associates, who has an album, cd or download and come up empty.

Ok, so I’m trapped in a bad analogy, but I get your point (and it’s a good point).


The survey / article was primarily marketing tool more than it was informational :man_shrugging:


Could this be how life works?


I think it’s how giant corporations manipulate or otherwise sway public opinion.
but that may just be me :neutral_face:


They generally (always) are.


It was also twice the tape speed. I still have my Pioneer 8 track with super tuner stashed away in a box. Sounded awesome in my 1979 4x4 Ford pickup.


… with the windows rolled down.


I’ve given 3 people at work a lot of advice recently on OTA. They all cut the cord and one of them added Tablo. None of my kids have cable. One of them did but eventually went to OTA TV. I see a lot of newer antennas on houses in my area aiming in the same north/south directions as mine.