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I’ll hold mostof my comments on this one for now. I’d like to see what others think of this reporting on Next Gen TV.

Reminds me of the original lies told by NextgenTV. But, this seems “newish”, since it makes claims that “new TVs” are ATSC 3.0 ready (which of course, it also a lie).

I give it about a 2 on a 1 to 10 truth meter.

(Ultimately, NextgenTV propaganda, and they simply do not have your best interests in mind, but at the same time, they (stations) too were conned into spending hundreds of millions. So, they sort have to “nod” and continue the lies. Otherwise, they are out all that money.)

You brought up one of the things I was wondering. Propaganda or regular old bad reporting? Hopefully someone will chime in if this is a scripted piece the TV stations are passing around. I’m not that familiar with the station so I looked them up and at least they aren’t owned by TV bad guys Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

Where in the world did they find NextGen tuners starting at $50? I certainly can’t find one and the only $100 option is TERRIBLE last time I heard.

99.9999% propaganda. This is a big big mess. Any good intentions behind ATSC 3.0 left the building a long long time ago. So, the options. We (the consumer) lose (big). Or stations that were duped, lose (big). I think you can guess where this is heading.

Edit: I’m not saying the government can’t step in… but that is variable and historically (relevant recent history), the government tends to favor “the broadcasters”.

I’m still hopeful the government will step in or at least press the thumb down a bit on the scale.

I try to stay hopeful. But preserving “freedoms” isn’t exactly “the norm” from the US gov’t at the moment. People are shouting and screaming and begging for the gov’t to remove more of their rights. It’s insane.

Even looking at a map, I could only see one station for Detroit that showed it for sure had 3.0 – wonder what he meant by “right now, all of them are”…

Yeah, remember my ranking of “2” on the truth scale. There were tons of misinformation in that new blurb. But, as long as “the people” believe it… and most will…

Isn’t WMYD the ATSC 3.0 lighthouse for detroit and has 6 ATSC 3.0 channels (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and 2 CW’s) broadcasting from digital channel 31.

I’ll trust your information over mine. I just looked by zip code and I very likely missed something.

I have used 3 different ATSC 3 devices so far, from $89 to $300, and been very happy. Picture quality is improved, HDR, better reception on many of my channels too. A lot of things in this video are coming and more for after the full roll out is over or closer to it. 4k, interactivity I would not expect much or maybe even any for another year or so probably. ATSC 3 tuners should be available in most higher end TV’s, there is a list on their site.

Also be aware I won’t mention names, but a couple of the YouTubers are blatantly misleading people about ATSC 3 and when reviewing the devices. I have heard it myself direct from one of the manufactures how they keep telling the reviewers things are not true and they still keep saying it. They said they actually gave up on the guy :rofl: as he just won’t tell the truth.

As someone who uses ATSC 3 daily, the cheapest ATSC 3 device actually has the best picture quality out of the $89, $200 and $300 devices I have used. It would be my pick for a bedroom or maybe kitchen TV as no real DVR only a very basic way to record.

I’ll still take my gateway 4-tuner SD 4K over a single tuner HDMI connect any day.

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Hey, I got to have one of those special NextGen Digital TV antennas :-). Going to run out and get me one right now!

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Don’t forget to grease it with HD grease. Go for the 3.0 ready variant for superior performance.

Glad you got it from a “reliable” source. /sarcasm
I’m a bit skeptical of what the manufacturers say. I’ve had plenty of broken promises from large companies. Go look up what Cox media group just did and tell me you trust these companies. Were they lying when they were trying to sell peoples data they acquired from spying(don’t worry it was hidden in the TOS) or are they lying now because they took it all back? They said they were listening to peoples conversations and pulling out keywords. Can I sign away other peoples rights when I sign a TOS? Presumably those conversations are happening with other people. What about Eufy? They said local only video on their video cameras didn’t go to the cloud. That turned out to be a lie. I had both Yahoo and Google take away services I bought as lifetime contracts. What about Sony and Discovery? Until the internet went ballistic they were going to yank hundreds of videos from peoples libraries. Video people had “bought”. That get out of jail free(“revocable license”) was hidden in a TOS as well. What about when Kindle yanked a bunch of books right off peoples Kindles. What about when Sony removed “Other OS” from the PlayStation 3? It might not have been popular but I actually wanted to use Linux on it. It was a selling point for me. What about when Lenovo shipped spyware on computers? What about when Sony put a rootkit on CD’s?

Those are a few instances I can think of off the top of my head that lead me to not trust large corporation and manufacturers.

I have to add another one… The “$89 manufacturer” doesn’t even return email. Why give us an email address if you won’t respond to simple inquiries?