Yet another way to migrate to larger disk

Given the ext4 format of the DVR storage disk, not native to either Windows or macOS, had to spend some time on this. Tried the WLS solution…that was a mess, and when everything’s finally installed, there’s no Linux mount command, of all things. Tried the Paragon Software Linux File Systems for Windows, and the Service that it installs wouldn’t start, so that one failed as well. Looked at what I’d have to do on macOS, and decided to find an alternative :-).

Made a Live CD of KNOPPIX Linux, and ran it on my PC. That actually worked. Both the source and target disk were automounted on /media, so I could simply “copy -r” all the directories under “rec” on the source disk to the same directory on the target disk, and that worked great.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that formatting your target disk on the Tablo is a very helpful first step.

Just that easy…so I’d recommend skipping Windows and macOS and go directly to making that Live CD of your favorite Linux distribution. Or, if you already have a Linux system, virtual, or dual boot or whatever, you’re way ahead of the game :-).

Or ask Tablo to use exFAT instead of ext4…and good luck with that :-).


Thanks, but all this has been covered in other posts.

There’s lots of non-Windows users providing various set-by-step processes.

Tablo runs a Linux based OS, ext4 is a native filesystem - why not? exFAT was released as a proprietary filesystem, what you it take to licenses it for a non Microsoft based system?

Sorry, the forum software won’t let me delete my posting. I tried, I don’t want to make you unhappy or unnecessarily upset you. I did a bunch of searching before starting and all I found were various postings about various aspects of this. Thought I’d try to pull it together coherently.

Sorry to offend.

Maybe a moderator will see this and kindly delete it.

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Thanks @MrDoh, good to hear your experience!

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