Yet another Tablo 4 Tuner vs TiVo (Bolt) question

I read through one Tablo vs Tivo thread and I was impressed by the knowledge there.

However mine is more basic, while I am somewhat technical, when it comes to TV watching I want to be able just record and watch later. Except for the Superbowl I can’t remember the last time I watched any show live. It looks like with Tablo I would have to have five components: A HD antenna, 4 tuner Tablo, A Roku 3/4 and since it does not have a remote, an Android or an iPAD? And for the Bolt system, just the Bolt and the antenna, but it is still not clear to me if I can record multiple shows simultaneously.

I am dumping my Uverse in the next 20 days and going the cord-cutting rote so any help would be greatly appreciated

Yes you can record up to four shows simultaneously and you can watch a previously recorded program at the same time. Most users previously have had a streaming device such as Roku and an iPhone, IPad, or Android device plus a router with network service provider. Any type of OTA TV will require an antenna system not just Tablo. My additional expense was limited to the Tablo and a $50 hard drive plus $5/mo for the optional program guide If you’re mainly into recording for the purposes of time management. archiving programs, and zipping thru endless moronic commercials as I am, this system will meet your requirements and save you dollars in the long run. No, I’m not a Tablo rep, just a happy user.

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Just to add one clarifying point, the Roku does come with a remote so you don’t need an Android or iOS device to control the Tablo.

However, you will need a computer, Android or iOS device to complete the initial setup of the Tablo.

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JerryG, thanks for your speedy feedback. I use the Uverse system where I can record three programs and watch one but this is better. Do I need a HD with a specific speed requirement? Thanks in advance

@theuser86, the Roku remote can control the Tablo? I did not know they worked together. Anyway first time user for OTA and Roku as well, I’ll get the ball rolling. Thanks

I personally use a Nexus Player which also comes with a remote. Unless you already have a Roku I would consider other options as well. There are several recommended hard drives that work well with Tablo which you can research here and on other Tablo resources.

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The Tablo box is not controlled directly by a remote. You interface with the Tablo through either a web browser or a media player (Roku, Nexus Player, Fire TV, etc).
For the Media players, they all come with their own remote, which is the only thing you need to utilize the Tablo’s functionality (playing back recorded content, selecting live tv channels, deleting shows, etc.).
The Media Players access the Tablo via Apps (the Tablo App) that have been developed for each of the various players. The Tablo App lives on the Media Player, not the Tablo itself.
The Tablo box itself runs on Firmware, which is managed by Tablo with occasional updates that are installed by the end user (you) via the web browser or Media Player apps. The Firmware controls the core feature set of the Tablo hardware, but doesn’t require any direct interaction from the end user (other than occasional updates).

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I cut the cord from DTV about 4 weeks ago. Don’t miss it much at all. I do miss seeing my local NHL team play, but I’m saving about $80/month with my current setup.

Yeah, it’s an investment to go OTA and stream. I had to get two roof OTA antennas (one facing NW the other SE) and a pre-amp to get strong signals throughout my home wiring. I was able to to reuse my DTV satellite mount and coax wiring for my antenna, so that was a nice time saver.

I then purchased 3 Roku2s, Tablo 4 tuner, and a Seagate 1TB HD. I did get SlingTV so my wife would still have HGTV, and I’ll still have ESPN, when I want it.

The Rokus, Tablo, external HD, and antenna setup all totaled up to over $700. I’m just looking at it as an investment. I have to spend some money now to save some later, I guess. In about 7 months I’ll recoup those dollars, and I love the idea I’m not locked in with DTV or cable providers any longer. Feels good.

To save a few bucks, you can get the Rokus and Tablos “refurbished” and all have solid warranties.

God luck!

You can also get a free roku 2 or 50% off a roku 3 through slingTV if you pay 3 months in advance. Since I was signing up for sling anyway I figured I may as well let them pay part of my up front cost. Great deal! There is a similar deal for FireTV, but I’d avoid the streaming sticks. They just don’t have enough power to run some of the apps they are supposed to support without extended load times.

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It’s a shame that doesn’t allow you to watch local games. Doesn’t allow for those who have cut the cord to get all the sports they want.

MLB,com is the same way. I would be willing to subscribe if I could get live local games. I could watch them after they are over, but what fun is that? At least the MLB radio subscription (which is pretty cheap) has live local games.

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Yep, local FSN channels haven’t been streamed, until now. Sony Vue does have the FSN local sports, so I’ll be able to see FSN North like I did with DTV. I just have to wait for the Vue Roku channel before I’ll do it. Also, DTV/ATT will have their streaming service out this October - more good news for folk ditching satellite and cable services.