Yellow dot on tablo icon

On my fire stick the tablo icon started having a yellow dot in the upper right corner. I don’t remember seeing this before. Does anyone know what it means?

I have that same issue on one of my Firestick 4K Max models and another Firestick 4K Max does the same thing except that it is the HBO icon on the home screen that has the yellow dot. On that one the Tablo icon is fine and on the one with the yellow dot on the Tablo app, the HBO icon is fine. Strange!

I have not really looked into a fix for these because it the apps still work fine, but I am wondering it if is more an issue with the Firesticks than the actual apps themselves.

I have seen this in other applications/operating systems where little dots are there after they had a recent update. Then the dot goes away after the next use. My iPod apps get blue dots for this very reason.