Xbox One App - No Audio

For the past several weeks, I’ve been getting no audio from my Tablo Quad on our primary TV (where I traditionally use the Xbox One Tablo app).

I’ve double checked that surround sound is off, but no dice. The tablo has been restarted more than once in the interim. It works just fine on other TVs on the Roku app, and also works fine on the Tablo app for Windows 10 (where I grabbed the screen shots from).

Tablo Quad:
Tablo Device: 2.2.28
HTML Application: 1.7.3 build 204 [201905101616]
Host Application: 1.703.204

Can you try a lower recording quality?

Reboot your Tablo after changing it.

Are you missing audio for both live TV and recordings? Do you receive audio from other applications on your Xbox?

Audio is not present across both live TV and recordings.

Other games, apps work as expected (Netflix/Amazon/Games/others).

Very peculiar. Try reinstalling the app, and if that doesn’t do the trick, send our team a ticket and we can take a closer look.