XBox One App - Can't find it

Good afternoon All,
Just picked up my first Tablo 4 Tuner unit. All configured and working perfectly so far.
I have a Roku in my living room and the app works well there.

Tried to find and download the Tablo app though for the XBox One and it is no where to be seen. To be clear I do not have an active XBox Live Gold subscription- but I wouldn’t think that is required for this app. I have searched and browsed for the app and have come up empty.

Can anyone confirm that the app is missing? I see the app on Microsoft’s website, but can’t get it on the XBox One directly.

Also shot this over to support to confirm,

The Tablo app is in the Microsoft Store. You are located in Canada or the US?

I am located in US… Yeah, from the XBox One interface store it is not listed. I was able to pull up the Microsoft store on my Windows 10 system on the same network, and added it to my desktop. This allowed me to download the app on the XBox One, but it was not listed directly on the XBox One under the store even when browsing all apps- not just searched for, scrolled line by line.