XBOX ONE app - can it connect to Tablo at other property?

Hi. I brought an XBOX ONE to another property - was hoping that, while we are here, I could connect to my Tablo at another location.

After booting up the XBOX, I found that the Tablo app can’t connect to my Tablo. Is this because…

  1. the XBOX ONE app simply doesn’t do remote access?
  2. I should have tweaked settings within the Tablo app on XBOX ONE before leaving the original property?

Thank you!

Try setting up the Tablo at the location where the Tablo is. Synch it.

Then take where you want, maybe that will work.

If it works like an iPhone or iPad or computer. It should synch at the Tablo home location. Then when you take it somewhere, it should maybe b able to connect.

@TBolt - Tablo’s Xbox app doesn’t support Tablo Connect:

A full list of supported devices can be found here:

Sounds like your only option for accessing your Tablo with your Xbox is to set up a VPN back to your home network. Not a simple job.

This can be done, this is how I use a Roku 3 Model 4200 at a remote location - works well.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Since the official word is that the feature is not supported, I’ll leave it at that … dead on arrival. :smiley: