Wrong time on program guide

I just got a new Tablo because my old one stopped working with wifi. It works great but for some reason on my Apple TV the time is 2 hr behind. Same Tablo when use with second Apple TV 4 ipad 2 iPhones 2 amazon fire tablets the time is correct. Any suggestions?

You may want to touch base with @beastman. He had similar issues and it took a while to get resolved.

It involved the station, the guide data supplier, Tablo, and a Christmas wish. :smiley:

My time was wrong no matter the device. I suggest opening a ticket with support. Email support@tablotv.com and describe the problem and give them the mac address of the tablo.

Only send one email as sending multiple befor a person responds puts you at the bottom of the cue.

I asked for a birthday present and they have 6 months. TUFF TV says To Be Announced yet I have a schedule on TitanTV.


Or call them at 18448225688

Is the time set correctly in the device settings on this Apple TV?

If not, this is the likely problem.

Sorry I didn’t think of the obvious. I assumed it would be correct, but you never know.

I use Roku devices ,Tablo OTA outdoor antenna, with a separate dedicated line for cable internet
My response may help, but not to all. I installed my Tablo two days ago along with a paid subscription fee to have the guide and connect services.The guide for my 14 channels didn’t populate completely. No preview images and only 4 channels showed what was on. I noticed the time was off 4 hrs and came to this forum for advice.
What worked for me was to set the time zone and time on my Roku.
I had to set the time manually on my device as auto wouldn’t work (???)
After, I’m pleased to say that my Tablo has now fully populated all channels with thumbnail previews.


That’s what I had to do with one of my Apple TV all others had the right time after I set the time one the one Apple TV everything was fine.